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Casey Anthony's Parents 'Don't Think She's Innocent!'

Thu, June 23, 2011 12:29pm EDT by 2 Comments

But George and Cindy Anthony DON’T want her to get the death penalty if she’s found guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee.

The Anthonys attorney Mark Lippman made the incredible confession to a reporter working for Anderson Cooper‘s CNN show AC360 on June 23.

When reporter Gary Tuchman asked Lippman, “Do your clients George and Cindy Anthony think that [Casey Anthony] is not guilty?,” Lippman replied, “they don’t think that…they do not believe she is innocent.”

Lippman has since backtracked, insisting his quote was “misunderstood”. Speaking the morning after the segment aired, Lippman says, “I’ve never said they thought she was guilty. I only said they have no idea what happened. They have no idea what the facts are. That’s why they’re sitting in the courtroom every single day. They hope they can get some semblance of truth. Based on his story it sounds like I was saying my clients think she is guilty of murder. I never said that. And any inference to that is wrong.”

The frenzy also prompted the Anthonys to release a statement, insisting they DON’T support the defense teams’ claims George Anthony molested his daughter and was involved in covering up Caylee Anthony’s death after she accidentally drowned in his backyward swimming pool.

But they will fight to save her from death row!

The statement reads, “The Anthony family maintains that they simply want justice in this case. The Anthony family maintains they do not, under any circumstance, support any theory that the defense has put forward regarding George Anthony’s actions. The Anthony family maintains that while they want both the state and the defense to do their jobs respectively, they do not under any circumstance wish to see that the state achieves the ultimate sanction that the State of Florida is looking for, which is the death penalty.”

Casey is accused of murdering her daughter Caylee, two, and dumping her in the woods near the family’s Orlando home. If she’s found guilty of first degree murder, Casey faces a possible death sentence.

— Ian Garland

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