Bristol Palin's Honesty About Losing Her Virginity Is So Refreshing!

It makes her seem like such a well-rounded girl compared to cold, calculated mom Sarah -- we hope she brings the same realness to her reality show! Bristol Palin earned some scorn from HollywoodLifers when details from her new autobiography leaked -- namely that she lost her virginity to Levi Johnston during a camping trip when she was drunk on wine coolers. But I think this story, while embarrassing, makes her relatable in a way I hope we can see more of on her upcoming reality show!

Bristol, 20, may have had a less-than-glamorous first time having sex, but as far as I’m concerned, join the club. Everyone is awkward, and by Bristol being SO candid, it allows everyone to see she’s real. Sarah Palin may insist she’s just a normal person, but there’s always such an odd sheen of Teflon fakeness when she speaks. Whether her mishandling of guns she claims to be acclimated with or pretending to read things she really doesn’t, the charismatic matriarch seems just a little too photo-op ready to be real.

On the other hand, Bristol has made some serious mistakes. As a teen mom, she’s made no attempt to justify her poor life decisions. And while we expect our celebrities to be perfect all of the time — and are shaken to the core when they reveal they suffer from real-life issues — Bristol is turning out to be a complicated young woman. I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s a role model, but she’s certainly acting like an adult by taking responsibility for her actions.

So while it’s easy to poke fun at Bristol — after all, who gets that drunk on wine coolers? — we should applaud her ability to admit that life is not always a Taylor Swift fairy tale. It’s ugly, painful, beautiful, fun and scary — and even the glamorous parts always play out better in our imagination. And I dare you to qualify any virginity-losing story as romantic or emotional — usually it’s as clumsy and awkward as being in a tent surrounded by empty bottles.

— William Earl

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