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'The Art Of Getting By' Is This Summer's Coming Of Age Flick: Five Reasons You Must See It!

Fri, June 17, 2011 3:38pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment

Ever met the perfect guy but you’re too scared to let yourself fall for him? Emma Roberts shows girls everywhere that sometimes it’s okay to fall for your total opposite.

Have you been waiting months for that tug at your heartstrings kind of movie? Lucky for you, The Art of Getting By hits theaters June 17 and attended the NYC premiere hosted by The Cinema Society and Alice+Olivia and it’s the perfect weekend must-see for you and your best friends. Whether you’re bored or just looking for a feel-good flick, you’ve got to check out director Gavin Wiesen‘s new romantic comedy starring Emma Roberts, Freddie Highmore, Michael Angarano and Rita Wilson!

Chloe’s Five Reasons To See ‘The Art Of Getting By’:

1. Did a part of you just hate high school because you never felt you fit in? Freddie Highmore plays George, a high school senior in NYC who just looks at life as a series of mundane tasks — such as homework. He decides to not conform with the other elitist kids at the school but in turn finds the meaning to his life. This movie will show you that it’s okay to be who you are and never change for anyone!

2. Always chasing after the wrong guys? Emma Roberts plays Sally, a beautiful girl who befriends George but doesn’t realize just how much she has going for her. She’s always used her sexuality to get guys but she soon discovers that life is more than just a hot guy and a fun night. Girls everywhere will start looking a little more closely at the guy you always kept in the “friend zone.”

3. Your parents are people too. Sally and George quickly discover that although they are overly critical of their parents Vivian [Rita Wilson] and Charlotte [Elizabeth Reaser] their parents are doing the best they can to get through this crazy thing called life. Whether it’s divorce, losing their apartment or getting in a fist-fight with a stepdad — our parents are just getting by too.

4. Thank goodness homework is over! After seeing this film you’ll feel as though you wrote 10 research papers and are now a mathematical genius. But you’ll finally learn the real reason why teachers assign homework. (It’s still a total pain!)

5. Life is art. Whether you’re into painting, writing, photography, music or just living — it’s all art! You’ll walk out of the theater wanting to pick up that old guitar or check out a local art exhibit. This movie does more than just show you how tough high school can be. It says that fitting in is actually the worst thing you can do — just be you!

Check out The Art Of Getting By — it hits theaters June 17!

— Chloe Melas