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'The Voice's' Javier Colon: I Had To Fight Hard To Sing 'Angel', Adam Levine Didn't Want Me To!

Thu, June 16, 2011 10:00pm EDT by 17 Comments

‘The Voice’ front-runner reveals to us he almost didn’t sing the Sarah McLachlan song on Tuesday and talks about the special suit Adam Levine gave him before his performance! Watch our exclusive interview.

At this point in the competition, it’s pretty safe to say Javier Colon is the top contender to win this season’s The Voice. He still has great competition (Dia Frampton, Vicci Martinez and Jeff Jenkins to name a few) but even his fellow contestants all think he’s the one to beat! The suave singer wooed fans with a beautiful rendition of Sarah McLachlan‘s ‘Angel’ on Tuesday, and afterward Adam Levine hinted that Javier really worked to sing that song. spoke to Javier and he revealed, “I had to fight for it.”

“I’ve been singing for a long time, I’ve been struggling for a long time, there’s certain songs that work in shows I’ve done in the past, and certain songs that don’t. When I would sing this particular song, when I would sing ‘Angel’, it always seemed to get a good response. I always told myself, you know what, if I get a chance to perform in front of a lot of people and I only have one song to try to move people with, there’s a short list of songs and that is on it. And I had to fight for it. There was a list of folks that didn’t want me to sing this song. Adam definitely didn’t love it at first. He wanted something else …” Javier explained. He couldn’t tell us the exact song since he might sing it in the future! But he had a lot of praise for his coach.

“The great thing about Adam is he is just a great coach. He gives great advice and if we take it, he is happy, but even if we have some dialogue about it, he just wants us to be happy. He knows how important this is to us. He knows that if we pick a song that we are not in love with and then we go home, we are going to go home saying you know I don’t like that song choice. If I go home next week … I went home singing a song I absolutely loved and I can’t be mad. If I went home, I went home. That’s what I love about Adam. He lets us be who we are and listens to us, which is awesome.”

Javier has been a favorite since the beginning of this season, and the other contestants are definitely starting to feel the competition. Casey Weston tells us, “Oh man, Javier is amazing!” and Curtis Grimes acknowledged, “I think he’s the one to beat.” Social Media Correspondent Alison Haislip even pointed out that Javier was the only contestant to trend on Twitter before he even performed. But Javier stays as humble and sweet as ever. “That’s flattering, but I look around and I see a ton of competition. I look to my left I see Jeff Jenkins, I see Dia over there, Nakia, Vicci, Casey…there’s just so many talented people that you can’t get caught up in if you’re the front-runner .. I mean its some pressure because people are looking to you to perform. There are expectations — people are looking for you to go up there and beat what you did last time. And that’s my only goal is to do that every time. Frenchie’s to my right, I think anybody that’s left can win this so you gotta get up and do your best every time.”

Javier also revealed that Adam wanted to “dress him to the nines” but that he insisted on wearing a hat and jeans and snakers, but he relented on the blazer. But Adam gifted all of his singers with a personal present before the show and he gave Javier a suit. “It is awesome,” Javier laughs. “I think you are going to see the suit at one time. He gave it to me, and I gotta wear it.”

(Sidenote: Adam also gave Casey guitar picks with her name engraved on them, gave Jeff a vintage watch, and Devon a jacket from his own closer, which Devon snuck on stage to wear during his performance without getting it approved through wardrobe.)

So what do you guys think? Is Javier going to definitely win or do you think there’s a chance somebody else will take home the honor of being the first Voice winner?

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