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'The Voice' Stars Weigh In On Why Blake Shelton Chose To Save Xenia, Shocking America

Wed, June 15, 2011 5:44am EDT by 48 Comments

Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera each send two contestants home on tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice’. Did they make the right decision with their saves?

Today was tough on The Voice judges Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera, they had to choose who to save from their respective teams while America’s saves were announced. Christina cried right from the start and said quite a few words about how hard of a decision it was while Blake says he “hate[s] this moment” and was “dreading” the elimination. Ultimately, he chose to save Xenia after Dia Frampton was saved by her voters for her Heartless rendition by Kanye West. (She told us she felt “dizzy” when she heard her name called.)

“I can’t affect change with Jared Blake or Patrick Thomas like I can with Xenia, so I am going to pick Xenia,” Blake said, and you could hear an audible gasp from the audience. Many fans thought Patrick would score a save from Blake, especially since the talented young singer had a focus on Blake’s country music and has much more stage presence than the ever-shy Xenia.

But not everybody was as surprised about Blake’s pick, especially those close to the show. Social Media Correspondent Alison Haislip explains, “I was shocked but in a way, not shocked because I know Blake thinks of Xenia as his little sister. He really wants to show what she can do.”

Cee Lo‘s contestant Nakia, who sang Kings of Leon‘s “Sex on Fire”, agrees that Blake is “very protective” of Xenia. Nakia even names her as his biggest competition yet! “You haven’t heard anything like her and she’s only 16,” Nakia points out. He also made sure to say, Patrick’s already a “country music star”, a sentiment Curtis Grimes echoed as well.

One contestant who does admit she was surprised? Beverly McLellan, the singer on Team Christina who was saved by America before Frenchie was saved as well. “Patrick [leaving] shocked me, but it’s a competition. It could happen to any of us,” she said matter-of-factly.

Meanwhile, Patrick assured us he’s going to keep working on his solo career and said he’s even spoken to his sister about doing a Lady Antebellum cover in the future. He also mentioned he’d like to work with Carrie Underwood, a singer who he points out has done well with a country/pop crossover.

And as for Xenia — how did she feel when Blake said he’d save her? “It was so relieving, yet I was so shocked. There were so many emotions, I just wanted to run off the stage … screaming,” Xenia admits to “[Patrick and Jared] are like family, it’s sad to see them go. It’s so hard.”

What did you think of Blake’s decision? Are you glad Xenia stayed or did you think he should have chosen Patrick? Or even Jared? Xenia definitely has pipes and it is supposed to be all about her voice, not how outspoken she is. Is Blake smart to keep her on so he can showcase her a little more while Patrick and Jared launch their careers? And how about Team Christina saving Frenchie and eliminating Raquel Castro and Lily Elise? Thoughts?

And what did you think of the episode as a whole? Team Adam was going strong with Jeff Jenkins and frontrunner Javier Colon and Cee Lo’s Vicci Martinez gave a beautiful rendition of ‘Jolene’. Stay tuned for more interviews and thoughts from tonight’s episode!

Lorena O’Neil

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