Emma Roberts Reveals Why She's Team Bella!

Emma knows what it's like to be on the bad side of 'Twilight' fans, so she's playing it safe by siding with the beautiful Bella! Emma Roberts, 20, loves Twilight, but don't expect her to pick between Team Edward and Team Jacob! HollywoodLife.com spoke exclusively with the stunning actress at the premiere of her coming-of-age film The Art of Getting By, hosted by the Cinema Society and Alice+Olivia on June 13. She explained the reasoning behind her surprising choice!

“I’m team Bella,” she said. “I feel so much pressure choosing between Edward and Jacob that I just am going for Bella!”

We don’t blame Emma one bit! In 2010, she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and revealed she was Team Jacob. In turn, devoted Robert Pattinson fans attacked Emma on Twitter, causing her to shut down her account!

But Emma really is a Twi-hard at heart: “I read all of the books a while ago. I haven’t seen all of the movies but I’ve read all of the books — I loved them!”

We can tell you that Emma is absolutely unbelievable in person and we were so happy to hear that no matter what she’s Team Twilight!

Don’t forget to check out her new film The Art of Getting By when it hits theaters June 17!

— Chloe Melas

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