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'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert Blogs: I'm Disgusted With Myself Over Bentley — Now Torn Over Three Men!

Tue, June 14, 2011 9:44am EDT by 7 Comments

Ashley reveals that romance is brewing between her and three other guys: Constantine Tzortzis, Ben Flajnik and Ames Brown. Which one will win her heart?

During the June 13 episode of The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert pines away about how much she misses player Bentley Williams — and still can’t accept that he left because she thought that they had so much potential. But that was months ago that Ashley filmed his departure, and as Ashley watched the fourth episode, she was totally disappointed in how she obsessed over Bentley — but she admits that she was finally able to see that there were other guys like Constantine Tzortzis, Ben Flajnik and Ames Brown who had the potential to be her husband!

“I thought I would finally be able to watch an episode without hearing the name Bentley, but was I wrong,” Ashley writes in her personal People magazine blog. I caught myself cringing each time his name was mentioned.”

“I look back at the beginning of this week in Phuket, and remember how I was still thinking about his departure,” continues Ashley. “However, at the end of this week, I found myself being able to see the difference between real, genuine relationships and the one I had with Bentley.”

A few guys stood out for Ashley during the fourth episode that helped her to look past her breakup with Bentley.

Constantine was the first guy Ashley focused on. “When I first met Constantine, I was blown away: he was exactly the type of man I was looking for, and the floss on my finger was a standout moment for me the first night,” she remember. “I think our connection grew to a stronger level.”

During the group date, Ben F. also stood out. “He took it upon himself to paint a mural for the children and was a standout guy in terms of interacting with the children,” fesses Ashley. “It really melted my heart, and I feel like this helped solidify my feelings for him.”

Ames was the third guy that really left an impression. “I was so surprised by his intelligent humor and good heart,” she says after watching their one-on-one date. “I totally saw a new side to Ames on this date and knew I wanted to get to know him better.”

“Even though I was not convinced of a romantic connection with him just yet, I saw too much good in him to not further explore what could be,” she adds.

The fourth week of filming totally changed Ashley’s take on love. “Looking back at this week, the most important lesson I took away is that the best type of love starts off with a slow burn, and eventually turns into something much brighter than a spark ever could,” she shares.

BFFs — do you think it’s good that Ashley‘s starting to take notice of these three guys? Share your thoughts with us!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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