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Adopting Bear Means Robert Pattinson Wants To Settle Down, Says Expert!

Mon, June 13, 2011 10:13pm EDT by 9 Comments

Relationship expert says Rob is ready for a big commitment and has a soul connection with his dog Bear.

Robert Pattinson travels all over the world filming blockbuster hits, but despite his whirlwind lifestyle he still managed to find his soul-mate. While working in Louisiana, the 25-year-old actor discovered his “other half “in doggy death row when he saved his new canine companion Bear from euthanasia. We talked to Dr. Anyes Van Volkenburgh, who is a celebrity vet and expert on human relationships with animals, and she told us that Rob’s relationship with Bear reveals a lot about his personality.

“The fact that Rob decided to adopt a dog even though he travels all of the time and is still quite young shows that he is responsible and wants the commitment.  Perhaps having Bear and sharing the responsibility with Kristen is a trial run for a bigger commitment that he wants.” said Dr. Anyes.

Kristen Stewart, 21, may have nabbed the best beau in the business because not only is Rob one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, he also values relationships! Based on how well things work out with the young couple parenting Bear could determine if marriage is their near future. Adopting Bear is the first step in creating a home for himself and Kristen may be the next permanent addition! But she should watch her back because Dr. Anyes says Bear and Rob are connected on a spiritual level.

“Bear knows on some level that Rob saved his life. They have a soul connection.  Bear will become Rob’s healer and soul-mate. They were definitely brought together for some reason.”

The fact that Rob chose to adopt a scruffy shelter dog rather than a pampered pure breed shows that he isn’t vain and has a true compassion for helping others in need. Despite his A-list status, he has still managed to stay grounded and pick a dog that reminded him of himself!

“Bear, who looks a bit shy and scared reveals that Rob too is a bit scared and shy.  Perhaps this is the side he rarely shows to the public. They both need each other.  Wherever Bear is is Rob’s home and wherever Rob is is Bear’s home,” revealed the vet.

Tell us what you think about Rob’s big decision to rescue Bear! Does shows he is ready for another long-term commitment from Kristen?

Nicole Fukuoka with reporting by Sandra Clark

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