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'Kate Plus 8' Recap: Kate Gosselin Plans The Sextuplets 7th Birthday In Five Days & Sends Them On An Easter Egg Hunt!

Mon, June 13, 2011 11:33pm EDT by Chloe Melas 3 Comments

Luckily Kate’s pool party didn’t get completely rained out and she even tried to hatch baby chicks for her eight Gosselettes’ Easter!

Kate Gosselin really is the mom who can do it all. TLC aired two back-to-back episodes of Kate Plus 8 on June 13 and we were able to experience two amazing moments in the lives of our favorite eight kiddies!

We told you we were worried when Kate decided to go to the Kentucky Derby right before her sextuplets seventh birthday! We didn’t think Kate could pull it off, but she did. Kate planned an incredibly fun and creative pool party complete with a treasure hunt!

The episode started off with Kate going to Party City and picking out party favors and decorations for the pool themed bash. It was the first year that all of the Gosselettes were able to invite more than one friend — and there was a huge turnout.

Kate dropped serious cash at Party City and then headed home to watch the pool guys install their awesome water slide! The kids had no idea and it really was such a sweet surprise on Kate’s end.

The big day finally arrived and with the help of Kate’s friends and their babysitter — they managed to get the house decorated.

The sky was cloudy all day and we were so worried that it would rain on their party but thankfully the weather held out. After a hilarious scavenger hunt, the party moved inside.

Each of the sextuplets got “Happy Birhtday” sung to them — it was sweet she let them each have their own song. The party was great and we were so happy to see Kate pull it off!


The second episode was all about Easter. Kate didn’t get the kids for Easter since they were with their dad Jon Gosselin. So Kate really wanted to make this holiday special, even if it was a week early.

Kate did everything fom dye eggs, throw an amazing Easter Egg Hunt and even made them a special breakfast.

Mady and Cara stayed up all night to help their mom stuff the plastic Easter eggs. They were such good little helpers!

The little ones woke up the next morning and made rice krispy treat bunnies and decorated them with white and pink frosting. Then they headed out to the backyard to dye eggs — and let’s just say Kate ended up needing a new manicure!

The Gosselettes had the most fun by hunting down over 700 eggs! In each egg was a puzzle piece and Kate had this grand idea that they’d put together a puzzle to win their prize.

It was a great idea in theory … but it didn’t work out.

The kids happily got prizes at the end of the day like stuffed bunnies and fire trucks.

It was such a great day and we’re so happy they were able to experience Easter with their mom.

Two episodes of Kate Plus 8 was so much fun — we want more!

— Chloe Melas

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