Bridezillas Recap: Krystal and Erica Have Lost Their Grip on Reality!

WE tv's 'Bridezillas' fulfills its promise of hysterical meltdowns in Sunday night's episode! Erica, 25, from Gonzales, Louisiana is about to marry Will, 25, and he seems to have a pretty good idea of what he's getting into -- disaster!

The pair met on Facebook when he thought she was someone else and accidentally friended her. Erica described their relationship as “love/hate.”

Will doesn’t know if he’ll survive this wedding week, and I don’t blame him because his wife is prone to extreme temper tantrums. She spends most of the episode screaming and crying, but her family has fair warning: “it’s my way, my day and if you don’t like it, there’s the door.”

Erica’s bachelorette party is a terrifying combination of overweight family members and male strippers. After doing a series of erotic dances with the greased-up dancers, Erica literally tips over in a drunken stupor and nearly into her mother’s cigarette.

Jamika, Erica’s sister, and her get into an indecipherable screaming match because Jamika wants to do her homework instead of helping Erica glue party favors. They get into a physical fight, and Erica finally throws her sister’s backpack into the outdoor garbage can.The most unbelievable part is that Erica finally gets her way, but then decided she’s too tired to do her own work and goes to bed.

After all this, Erica has a meltdown because she can’t understand why none of her friends ever call her.

On the day of the wedding, Erica has a shoe breakdown followed by a tiara breakdown. Somehow everyone makes it to wedding in one piece, and the wedding goes well even after her tiara fell in her face. She finally declared “I’m stress-free!” as she pecked her hubby on the cheek. — Good luck, Will!

Krystal, 26, and her beau Scott, 30, live in Clearwater, FL. She knew that Scott was ‘the one’ when he chugged a beer and and then puked in the bushes after their first date. He loved it when she vomited out of his truck window. They both LOVE to drink.

She kicked all of her bridesmaids out of her wedding because they “weren’t helping,” She’s trying frantically to replace them all FAST.

Krystal goes to the discount liquor store and tries to keep her booze purchases under a hundred dollars for all of her guests, so she buys generic brand everything, which will probably have her guests vomiting in no time. But it’s OK, she seems to like that.

Ashley, Krystal’s maid of honor, wants to interview the few people that haven’t been kicked out of the wedding yet for the bridesmaid’s positions — One requirement is doing something crazy during the Bachelorette party. Krystal’s mom gets wasted, dances on the bar and takes shots, leaving them with no designated driver.

The shining moment of the episode is when Krystal dances with a half naked fat guy and licked his nipple.

During the night that seems to last forever, Krystal meets up with her long lost gay friend who she used to hook up with, but he makes out with her friend. She tells him off, throws punches, throws a drink, and acts generally psychotic.

So sad — We have to wait til next week to see what happened during Krystal’s wedding. Will it be a fiasco?

–Brooke Peoples

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