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Bill Says: HollwoodLifers Think Anthony Weiner's Sexting Is Cheating, But I Think It's Fair Game!

Thu, June 9, 2011 5:25pm EDT by William Earl 6 Comments

Sexting naked pictures is no crime — although our readers certainly disagree!

Anthony Weiner is in the doghouse with his wife for his sexting scandal, but he’s in even deeper with HollywoodLifers — nearly 98% of whom consider his texting to be cheating! But I say that’s nonsense — his sexual indiscretions were no worse than looking at pornography!

It’s true that Anthony, 46, blundered in revealing his true identity to those women he had been sexting. And it can be argued that by feeling the need to do it at all was indicative of larger problems in his marriage to the now-pregnant Huma Abedin. But in no way is this sexting a sign he should have to abandon his Congressional post or Huma should divorce him.

When it comes down to it, Anthony never cheated on his wife. To cheat would imply physical contact with other lovers, of which he had none. He certainly made some bad decisions, but they were all in the name of fantasy and are a better outlet for him than alcohol, drugs or actually cheating on his wife.

Arguments have been made that sexting is cheating because it involves lying to your significant other about your sexual proclivities, but indulging in these fantasies without contact is a no-harm, no-foul situation.

And others have argued sexting is a form of emotional infidelity, but I find that to be bogus as well. If Anthony was so into the fantasy he wanted to actually cheat, he could of made it happen — he is a rich, powerful politician. But instead, he used it as a form of interactive pornography — arguably a creation of the highly-digital age we live in.

So give Anthony a break, America. He never cheated and clearly just has to have a chat with his wife about boundaries. Ultimately, his sexting should be viewed as a personal embarrassment rather than a treasonous act against his wife or country.

— William Earl

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