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Bonnie Says: Kody Brown's Plan To Move To Las Vegas Backfires — He Fractures His Family & Robyn's Pregnancy Makes It Worse!

Mon, June 6, 2011 8:19pm EDT by HL Intern 40 Comments

Sister Wives‘ Kody gave up his giant family house that was home to his first three wives and their kids in Utah. When he has to get FOUR new houses in Las Vegas in the Sister Wives finale episode, his wives LIKE living apart — burn!

When Kody Brown went public on TV with his polygamist family he didn’t foresee being prosecuted by Utah authorities, despite the fact that polygamy was illegal.

Now, he’s blindsided by the effect of dividing his four wives into four different houses in Las Vegas. When he can’t find a house big enough to accommodate everyone, the family hunts for four new homes — one for each wife and her kids — all in the same neighborhood and school district. But the new living arrangements flip Kody out when he realizes his wives LIKE their independence.

First of all, can I just ask – how can he afford this — four rentals a month especially when Kody says he and his four wives have all lost their jobs. It’s the shows’ biggest mystery!

But what isn’t a surprise, except to Kody, is that at least two of the wives admit that they like this new separate living arrangement better!

Meri reveals she likes having “me” time in her own house. Christine says she may see Kody less now that they aren’t all in the same house, but she gets more of his “individual attention,” when he is with her.

Plus, “I like the routines I’m developing with my kids,” Christine says, about her six little ones. “We’re singing songs with prayers at bedtime.”

His wives growing independence, “scares the heck out of me,” Kody confesses. “It feels like separate families, and I want my family to be all together,” he laments.

Meanwhile, he’s schlepping in his car from house to house, which makes it hard to say goodnight to all four wives every night. Can you imagine THAT exhausting routine? No falling asleep on the couch for him!

The wive separation only promises to get worse with the revelation that wife #4, Robyn, is pregnant with the family’s 17th child!

Kody admits he had tears running down his eyes when the pregnancy test turned positive, but Robyn is sensitive to Meri’s ongoing in fertility issues. “I’m worried she’ll take it hard,” she says.

She plans to go to Meri’s house to break the news one on one to Meri.

The preview of next season’s shows’ reveals that Robyn’s fears were well-founded. The new baby on top of the four separate households, appears to ramp up fourth wife jealousy in the Brown family.

Well Kody — looks like you REALLY can’t have it ALL — four happy wives, 16 kids and no jealousy and tears. Funny, how given their druthers and their own houses, those wives are getting their own independent wings.

They may not need YOU so much after all!

— Bonnie Fuller


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