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New Moms Cashing In Online Thanks To Excess Breast Milk!

Mon, June 6, 2011 12:16pm EDT by Add first Comment

Would you sell your breast milk for cash? It’s the hot trend among new mommies!

Women all around the country are selling their breast milk for cash to other mothers who can’t produce their own milk. And the babies aren’t the only ones raking in on the benefits…

Kamilla Vainshtok, 25, and other women like her are literally “pumping up” their income thanks to the new trend, which is all done online. “ is basically a Craigslist for breast milk,” Kamilla tells Good Morning America. “There’s buyers and sellers, there’s an opportunity for them to meet each other.”

Just to let you in on the money secret, a month’s supply of human breast milk can cost anywhere from $300 up to $1,200 dollars! That’s compared to a month’s worth of formula, which only costs an average of $200.

“I Googled breast milk for sale, milk for donation, and I came across,” Kamilla, of Brooklyn, N.Y., who was producing a large amount of breast milk after she gave birth to her now 4-month-old daughter, explains. “Within the first week that of my listing, I found a family in Ohio that needed some breast milk and I shipped it out to them.”

And although sending breast milk through the mail seemed a little weird to Kamilla at first, she knew it was all for a good cause. (Hey, Elton John‘s surrogate does it!)

“It definitely did seem weird to me but I knew I was helping a family in need,” she says. “Their child wasn’t responding well to formula, was having a lot of tummy aches and spit-ups. So I figured if I was able to help this child with breast milk because their mother wasn’t able to, then I might as well help them out.”

Not only did the exchange help the baby, but it boosted Kamilla’s bank account. And these sorts of exchanges are boosting women’s incomes all over the world.

Kamilla would ship 300 ounces monthly to the family in need, and rake in several hundred dollars at a time.

And other mothers who are doing the same are reaping the rewards, buying new cars, new homes and even affording the wedding of their dreams!

“In the first month I made close to $1,200. It was quite a bit …,” Desiree Espinoza, 22, of Phoenix, tells GMA. Desiree used that money to fill lots of needs, including buying a computer, clothes for her growing daughter, wipes, medicine, “anything else that she needed that we didn’t have the money for.”

But there are some downsides, considering the screening process isn’t anything like it would be for say, IVF or egg donation. It’s all done by the honor system.

“… doing it over the Internet from a perfect stranger, just seems a little bit strange to me,” Kamilla says. “And yet you’re the perfect stranger. Absolutely and of course I have all good intentions so I’m definitely doing it the proper way. But you never know.”

Would you sell your breast milk for cash, HollyMoms?

–Leigh Blickley


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