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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Still Supporting His Mistress AND Wearing His Wedding Ring! He Wants Both Women!

Mon, June 6, 2011 1:03pm EDT by 2 Comments, Getty Images,

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still supporting Mildred “Patty” Baena, both financially and emotionally. But why is he doing this while still wearing his wedding ring?

While Mildred “Patty” Baena hides out in Texas, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still emotionally and financially supporting his mistress and mother of his love child. A source tells Radar, “Arnold has been very supportive of Mildred throughout all of this. The scandal going public has really taken a toll on Mildred, so Arnold encourages her not to listen to what people are saying about her and just tells her to stay strong.” Arnold also refuses to take off his wedding ring, does he think he can keep both women?

The former governor is preparing for a divorce case filed against him by estranged wife Maria Shriver, yet he still insists on wearing his ring. Do you think this means he is holding out hope that the two will reconcile?

As the 63-year-old sorts out his life now that his scandal has been aired to the public, he is still thinking of his young son he fathered with Patty. “Arnold has always taken care of the boy financially and he’s continued to do so generously amid this whole ordeal,” reports Radar.

Supporting his love child seems to be like the least he can do after the years of deception he has been involved in, and it would be cruel to completely abandon Patty and the boy after putting them through this ordeal. However, do you think he should be giving her as much support as he is? Or should he just be focusing on his family? And do you think he has lost the right to wear his wedding ring? Sound off below!