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New Details! Inside Sarah & Bristol Palin's Twisted, Unhealthy Relationship!

Thu, June 2, 2011 9:28am EDT by HL Intern 5 Comments
Getty Images, Fame Pictures

Getty Images, Fame Pictures

Wow, it sure isn’t easy having Sarah Palin as your mom—just ask Bristol!

Former Palin campaign aide Frank Bailey, whose new tell-all book Blind Allegiance just hit shelves, says he witnessed Sarah “mocking, berating and terrifying” Bristol, according to In Touch.

Bailey explains that Bristol’s revelation that she was pregnant demonstrated how the mother-daughter duo were often at odds. Sarah reportedly said to him at the time, “I left the decision [to keep or abort] to her, and Bristol wants to keep it.” But Sarah soon decided she wanted to bury the story, so she suggested to Bristol that she give up the baby for adoption–to Sarah! (Bristol’s ex, Levi Johnson, has also previously said “Sarah kept mentioning this plan.”)

In his book, Bailey claims Sarah basically abandoned her children while she was on the vice presidential campaign trail, not seeing them for weeks at a time. “I recall one day when Bristol phoned…crying while Sarah sat in my office,” remembers Bailey. “Sarah rolled her eyes. I felt pained for Bristol.”

He adds, “The Bristol I knew was a kind child, thrown into the cauldron of politics against her will.”

But did Sarah care about her kids’ longing for a mom who cared and who was around? Nope! “Bristol’s mad at me,” Sarah emailed Bailey. “Says this isn’t fun. Too bad.” Yikes!

— David Caplan

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