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'Mob Wives' Drita D'avanzo: I Don't Want My Kids To Take After Me!

Thu, June 2, 2011 4:06pm EDT by 1 Comment

Courtesy of VH1

Drita’s trying to teach her girls that it’s never OK to fight — and she’s guiding them away from the mafia mentality!

Mob Wives star Drita D’avanzo is trying to raise her kids differently than the way she grew up. She wants her daughters — Aleeya, 10 and Gizelle, 3 — to not be apart of the lifestyle and learn that fighting is never a good choice!

“I definitely don’t want them anywhere near this lifestyle,” Drita tells exclusively. “I get afraid because my daughters look up to me. They think I’m the coolest cat. I don’t want them to be like, ‘I want to be like my mother.'”

Drita, who grew up very tough and threw her first punch in kindergarten, is trying to teach her daughters differently. Drita tells her kids, “I always do want you to stick up for yourself, but the last thing in the world that I ever want you to do is fight with anybody or hit anybody. I told [Aleeya] that’s the worst thing in the world that you can do.”

And Drita’s kids are luckily adhering to their mother’s advice. “Aleeya had an incident when she first moved here — girls not wanting to be nice to her. She came home crying,” remembers Drita. But Aleeya didn’t raise her fist. “She actually said, ‘I was so mad that it was so hurtful, but I remember you said ignore them and I did.’ I was so proud of her because I was in kindergarten when I punched a kid in the face.”

“When people say mean things to you, you have to feel sorry for them and pray for them to be a better person at night,” Drita always reminds her kids.

But Drita still fears that Aleeya’s emotions could cause her problems down the road, because that’s exactly what happened to her father, Lee D’avanzo. “Why I want to get my daughter help in therapy is because my husband had anger issues with the fact that the feds killed his father,” explains Drita. “He immediately had a hatred towards the law. His mother said he became a totally different person when he woke up.”

“Not that that’s Aleeya’s case,” continues Drita. “She can get angry at the world because her father’s not around,” but she keeps it all inside.

Drita just doesn’t want to see her daughter ever react like Drita does under pressure. “The last incident that I had just went to show me that really I could just end up in jail,” says Drita referring to the season finale fight where blood is drawn. “These kids have no business not having both parents around”

She now realizes she has to listen to her own preaching. “If I do encounter a problem, I’m going to walk away no matter how much it bothers me,” says Drita. “I made a promise to myself — I’m not ever going to allow that to happen again. I’m going to totally just ignore it and the only time I will ever raise my hand again is if someone puts it on me.”

Self control — “that’s what I’m trying to teach my daughters,” notes Drita.

– Lindsey DiMattina

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