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Emily Maynard Finds Bentley Attractive, But Warns 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert He's Bad News!

Thu, June 2, 2011 10:12am EDT by 5 Comments

In her weekly ‘Bachelorette’ video blog, Emily explains that she understands why Ashley’s falling hard for Bentley — he’s super hot and and luring Ashley with all the right bait!

Emily Maynard, the woman who got Bachelor Brad Womack‘s final rose, confesses in her post-episode blog that she finds Bachelorette bad boy Bentley Williams very good looking — but still warns Ashley Hebert to watch out because Bentley’s motives make him a bad guy.

“Say what you will about him, but I find him pretty attractive … ” Emily says in her video on Warner Bros’ Bachelor site. “Although his personality makes him completely unattractive, Ashley hasn’t seen that side of him yet.”

Emily admits it’s easy to see why Ashley likes Bentley. “All she is seeing is this attractive guy telling her all these things that she wants to hear,” says Emily. “But I’m sure she’s not the only girl in the history of the world to have fallen for the bad boy.”

“You have to remember that Ashley doesn’t get to see any of the interviews where he’s saying all those nasty, horrible things,” continues Emily. “So all she is seeing is this guy making her feel special — totally blinded.”

And just like most Bachelorette fans, Emily’s not happy that Bentley walked away with the rose from the group date on episode two. “Ugh! And just like everybody else, I was at home yelling at my TV, ‘Send him home!’ Emily says. “I hope she snaps out of it soon”

Emily is completely right. Bentley sure is a looker — but he’s a total jerk. Ashley needs to drop him ASAP!

“I just hope and keep my fingers crossed that Ashley comes out of whole deal madly in love ,” says Emily. And that “she can watch these episodes and laugh about because she’s happy.”

– Lindsey DiMattina

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