'Teen Wolf' Stars Tyler Posey & Tyler Hoechlin Were Almost Jacob & Emmett In The 'Twilight' Saga!

The stars tell us about their near-Twilight experiences & why their werewolves would totally win in a fight. As the new wolf on the block, Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey doesn't just expect comparisons to Twilight's Taylor Lautner -- he embraces them! "It was between me and Taylor for that role in Twilight, so I'm honored to be compared to him," Tyler told HollywoodLife.com. Of course, if Jacob and Teen Wolf's Scott McCall went paw-to-paw, Tyler knows exactly which wolf would emerge the victor: "Definitely Scott, because Taylor's werewolf doesn't have opposable thumbs. ... I would be able to gouge out his eyes."

(Gross… but also probably true.)

And Tyler Posey isn’t the only one in the cast with a Twilight story! We hear Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Scott’s mentor-wolf Derek, was actually offered the part of Kellan Lutz‘s Emmett, but respectfully turned it down to play baseball at UC Irvine.

We caught up with Tyler on May 25 at a Teen Wolf screening in Los Angeles to find out why he and his fellow Tyler had a history of supernatural casting.

“Maybe we just have that look, I guess,” he told us. (Fair enough.)

But trust us — the comparisons end there. While Twilight feels like a love story with action and suspense built around it, Teen Wolf plays out like a weekly horror flick, and the romance just happens to factor in. As a side note, we’re glad the Tylers didn’t end up joining the Twilight family. (If they did, we might not have Teen Wolf today!)

And in case you need a reason to tune in to the show’s June 5 premiere (besides the gratuitous shirtless-ness) check out the trailer below:

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Additional reporting by Blair Moylan

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