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'Mob Wives' Recap: Renee Graziano Slams Carla Facciolo To The Floor — The Battle's On!

Sun, May 22, 2011 10:37pm EDT by HL Intern 7 Comments

Things get wild during Renne Graziano’s dinner party on the May 22 episode of Vh1’s ‘Mob Wives’ — Can Renee and Carla ever rebuild their friendship?

What’s supposed to be a quiet dinner party at Mob Wives star Renee Graziano’s house with Carla Facciolo, Drita D’Avanzo, and Karen Gravano quickly takes a turn for the worst when Renee starts bad mouthing Carla’s boyfriend — or so that’s what Carla thinks she’s doing. Renee gets up in Carla’s face after Carla calls her a “b***h.” Carla then lunges for Karen’s throat!

Renee decides to get the girls together for dinner so that they can hash out their issues in a respectable manner once and for all. But seriously — did Renee really think everything would go down smoothly? She intentionally does not tell Drita that Karen’s coming until the girls are already sitting down to dinner!

But it turns out that Karen and Drita — who battled on last week’s episode — aren’t the ones to throw up their fists. Renee leaps at Carla and takes her to the ground in a full-on nasty brawl. The cause? An extremely rude text message Carla’s boyfriend sent Renee earlier in the day: “Rene this is the last time I’m gonna tell you … keep my name out of your mouth!”

“That will be the first time and last time that I lie — because I don’t f***ing lie,” Renee tells Carla.

Carla laughs: “You do lie. Are lying and fibbing the same thing?”

This does not sette with Renee! “Are you f***ing dumb or stupid!?” she shouts. “What the f*** is wrong with you?”

“He stuck his mother f***ing finger practically up my a**!” Karen defends Renee. According to both Renee and Karen, Carla’s boyfriend is a total sleazebag!

“You like the word … b****!” Carla screams in Renne’s face.

Drita and Karen temporarily pull Carla and Renee from each other — but can they hold these two women back? Or will we see a full-blown maffia war erupt next week?

BFFs, what do you think — will Renee and Carla ever get past this?

– David Ryan

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