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Ian Says: 'Baby Callum's Found A New Way To Get Moving… He Rolls!'

Fri, May 20, 2011 5:20pm EDT by Add first Comment

He can’t wait to crawl or walk… my little man’s in a hurry to get going — so he’s found an alternative way to get from A-to-B.

The rolling is a very recent development but now we can’t stop him from spinning and whirling around all over the place.

Rolling didn’t come easily for Callum. At least the full 180 degrees roll. We found him flipped onto his front in his crib one morning, looking incredibly pleased with himself, until he realized he was stuck.

Like a turtle stranded on his back, Callum was horribly stuck on his front, without the strength or coordination to roll back — until I came to his rescue.

A couple of days later, and he’d figured it out. And now nothing’ll stop him.

It’s hilarious watching him spinning across our living room floor like a toilet roll unraveling itself. But the whole rolling thing has heralded a new and worrying era for us. We thought we could rest soundly until crawling had rendered Callum fully mobile!

Now we need eyes in the back of our heads to make sure he doesn’t flip off his changing mat, or roll himself right out the front door!

He won’t be doing it for long though… I’m convinced Callum’ll be crawling any day now. He’s trying so hard and I’m determined to be there for this important ‘first!’

Tell me about your baby’s first crawl! When did it happen and how!

Don’t forget to follow Callum on Twitter @CallumGarland. You can also check out the rest of his videos on Youtube.

— Ian Garland

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