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WATCH: An Angry Mom Deliberately Runs Down Her Teenage Daughter!

Thu, May 19, 2011 8:30am EDT by 1 Comment

Michelle Touma claims she swerved by accident as she tried to smack her daughter Emily’s head through the open window. What kind of excuse is that?

The incident took place in a Walmart parking lot in Perkins, Ohio and was captured by surveillance cameras. Click to watch!

“The daughter asked her mom to stop at the Walmart while taking her to work,” Perkins police Chief Kenneth Klamar says. “The daughter apparently wanted to stop at the bank. The two started arguing and the mom told the daughter that she did not want to wait. She told the daughter to walk the rest of the way to work.”

It was then Emily, 19, tried to get back in the car, and was hit as her mom Michelle Touma, 41, swerved towards her, narrowly missing her head, but striking and running over her foot!

Emily was later treated at hospital and released. Michelle has been arrested and charged with aggravated vehicular assault and domestic violence.

Michelle told officers she was “simply trying to lean out of the window and smack her daughter’s head” reports the Daily Mail.

Can you believe that HollyMoms? What drives a raging parent to steer her car right at her own child?

— Ian Garland

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