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Lorena On 'Grey's Anatomy': I'm Dying To See Cristina As A Mom! Tonight's Season Finale Preview!

Thu, May 19, 2011 7:37pm EDT by 4 Comments

Cristina Yang finds out she’s pregnant on tonight’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and she’s not happy about it. Her husband Owen seems ecstatic — could this end their relationship? I hope not!

Cristina Yang tells Owen Hunt she’s pregnant on tonight’s season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Cristina is extremely upset by the news and how it will affect her career, while Owen Hunt can barely contain his excitement. Naturally, their opinions clash over what to do and it certainly seems like trouble ahead for the newlyweds. But if I had a vote, I’d like to see Cristina as a mother.

Before I begin, I’m not trying to get into a pro-life, pro-choice debate with this post. I think the decision lies with Cristina, although as her husband, obviously Owen’s voice should be heard. But ultimately, it is up to Cristina whether or not she goes through with having the baby.

From the sneak peak below, we can see she is vehemently against the idea. And who can blame her? She is cutthroat competitive and completely focused on her career. Earlier this season she made it clear she has no intention of having children, something that, admittedly, she and Owen probably should have discussed before they got married. She’s been pregnant once before, with Preston Burke’s baby, although at the time she suffered a miscarriage.

Owen is so sweet in his reaction, he tells Cristina he doesn’t love her just because of the ” incubating potential of [her]womb.” But he clearly wants to be a father and to be honest, I think Crristina would make a great mother!

Sure she’s not warm and fuzzy but how fun would it be to see Cristina and Meredith tackle motherhood together? And as much as she claims she’s all darkness, we have often seen moments of deep compassion with Cristina. She helped Owen through PTSD, she’s always been there for Mere at her darkest times, she came out stronger than ever after her own terrible PTSD time. And she was deeply affected by the loss of her father, and thus we saw that touching moment when she spoke to a child who was about to learn about the death of a parent. She has an inner strength that I’d love to see touched upon in a more vulnerable fashion.

For the sake of her character development, I’d like to see Cristina as a mom. But I’m not sure it would ever actually happen. I could also see her going behind Owen’s back and terminating the pregnancy. If she did have the baby, we’d have a whole lot of babies at Seattle Grace (Callie/Arizona/Mark’s, Bailey’s, Mer/Der’s)! What would YOU like to see happen with Cristina and her possible baby?

Lorena O’Neil


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