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'Idol' Recap: Lauren Alaina Missed Her Key Change — Will Scotty McCreery Or Haley Reinhart Be The Winner?

Thu, May 19, 2011 3:06am EDT by 4 Comments

Although we can’t count out Lauren Alaina completely, we think it’s going to be Scotty McCreery or Haley Reinhart who wins this season! What do YOU think?

We have no complaints for the final three American Idol contestants this season. Scotty McCreey, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart all impressed us with their three songs during the performance show May 18. That said, judging from their performances tonight, we think Lauren is the one who’ll get the boot — and here’s why.

Each of them technically “won” one of the three rounds of performances. Technically, they seem to be on the same level (or close) to each other. No one stands out as being the weakest link.

That said, we think Lauren will be eliminated next. Both Scotty, 17, and Lauren, 16, belong to a similar genre: country. Scotty is more of a classic crooner than Lauren, who’s more poppy, but nevertheless, they’ll take votes from each other. Voters who love Scotty will definitely like Lauren, and visa versa.

Meanwhile, Haley, 20, has a unique rocker, bluesy tone that stands out from the rest, which will help her votes. Plus, she’ll cancel out some of Lauren’s votes because they are both girls.

Lauren has an uphill struggle ahead. She’s competing against another country artist AND another female — the odds are against her.

At this point in the competition (when everyone seems equally talented), who do YOU think is going to win? Do you think Lauren will get the axe tomorrow? Sound off below!

Kirstin Benson

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