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Lorena On 'The Voice': Javier Colon Is The One To Beat! The Competition Is His To Lose!

Wed, May 18, 2011 1:58am EDT by 1 Comment

Tonight’s episode was a little boring but the shining star was Javier Colon!

To be honest, I’m kind of over these battle rounds on The Voice. Although four more contestants were eliminated, it feels like an entire hour of nothing really happening. Nothing, that is, other than the so-gorgeous-I’m-drooling voice of Javier Colon.

When we first saw Javier he was singing Time After Time, and his smooth voice had all four judges turning in their chairs, although Adam Levine won him over to his team. Tonight, he was paired up with the ever-happy Angela Wolff, and the duo sang “Stand By Me.” Rather than be threatened by the early favorite, Angela proclaimed how excited she was to sing with Javier, “because he’s the best.”

To be fair to the girl with the “infectious” smile that is so beautiful and bright it is borderline irritating (seriously, look at her teeth!), Angela sounded beautiful in her rendition of the song. But after the duo were done singing, Blake Shelton said it best (again), when he confessed, “There is a extremely beautiful girl up on that stage right now, but all I can sit here and do is go…Javierrr‬.” Javier laughed and said, “That makes me feel strange a little bit.” “Well imagine how I feel,” joked the country singer judge.

Christina pointed out Javier’s swagger and Adam conceded that he had to go with Javier. Angela handled it in a lovely fashion, hugging Javier for the second time that night. In my opinion, they were the only couple that harmonized and sang together rather than in competition with each other. And seriously, please listen to Javier and try to tell me you didn’t turn into putty. He can stand by me any time. I’m completely convinced he’s the one to beat this season.

The other match-ups were:

  • Team Cee Lo’s Tje and Nakia singing “Closer”: Both are strong singers but I was kind of bored by their performances. Other than Christina saying Tje’s “whole package” was nice, all of the judges, including Cee Lo, threw their support behind Nakia.
  • Team Blake’s Elenowen and Jared Blake singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”: I was really disappointed Blake put these three together since they were some of my early favorites. You would expect the husband/wife duo to blow this song out of the water but Jared killed it with his unexpected vocals. Even Blake said he was “shocked” when he chose him. P.S. Is it just me or does Reba give great advice?
  • Team Christina’s Justin and Beverly singing “Baba O’Riley”: Beverly was thrilled to hear Christina pick “The Who”, a song Justin didn’t really know. Adam said he thought Beverly was going to “murderize” Justin, but “she didn’t.” He held strong but ultimately Christina chose Beverly, who struck me as a little too cocky despite saying she didn’t want to appear that way.

What did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Who were your favorites? Do you agree that people harmonized better last week? Don’t you think they should save some contestants to bring back later on in the show? Sound off below!’

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