'DWTS' Recap: Ralph Macchio Says Goodbye — And Blames His Departure On The Judges!

Hines Ward, Kirstie Alley and Chelsea Kane are the final three contestants on 'Dancing with the Stars' this season, but ousted Ralph Macchio thinks he was unfairly picked on by the judges! Ralph Macchio might be a little late with his complaints, but he's speaking out nonetheless. The 49-year-old Karate Kid actor was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars May 17, but he doesn't think his low scores the past few weeks have been fair.

“At one point I regretted not saying certain things when I heard certain criticism from the judges. But a week or two ago I said, ‘You know, I should speak up a little more,’ because it was becoming evident that the playing field isn’t completely level,” Ralph told E! News after the results show, adding, “But I held back and I still think it was the right thing by taking the high road and not saying anything.”

We’ve loved watching Ralph charm America with his positive personality and goofy smile, so it’s weird to hear anything but cheerful comments from his mouth. That said, the judges did give him more criticism than any other contestants…even when he seemed like a stronger dancer.

As Dancing with the Stars season 12 comes to an end, we’re not sure who we’d peg as the winner. Kirstie Alley is hysterical and has a large fan base and Chelsea Kane is adorable and is objectively the best dancer of the group. However, Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward has the talent AND the voters, which means odds might be in his favor.

Who do YOU want to win Dancing with the Stars? Sound off below!

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