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Pippa Middleton Tells You How To Throw A Royal Party For Your Kids!

Thu, May 12, 2011 10:50pm EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments

Want to throw a party fit for your little prince or princess? All you need is some papier mache, garden lights and your kiddies will be partying like royalty!

Forget a Disney themed bash for your little ones, now you can have a mini-royal soiree for the next big day! Carole Middleton, the mother of the newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge founded the incredibly successful Party Pieces in 1987, the first mail-order party supply company in the UK. Now her youngest daughter Pippa Middleton started The Party Times in 2010. On this site you can learn how to create your own invitations, make papier mache balloons for birthday bash, and have the most precious party favors for your tiny guests!


1. Brilliant Brollies: Brightening up any rainy days – the fantastic frog umbrella or the bright ladybird version – are a great gift. With the good old English weather this gift is sure to get a lot of use….

2. Papier Mache Balloons: a classic favourite to get you started on your craft career cover a blown balloon in papier mache and, once dry, pop the inside balloon. Paint and decorate as you wish. Decorating as a self portrait or making every member of the family is just one idea.

3. Garden Lights: You’ll need empty jam jars, beads, florist wire and glass paint for these sophisticated garden decorations. Before you start make sure that your jars are big enough to fit in a tea light. Clean the jars before painting with glass paint, decorating with gems or glitter glue. Wrap a long length of wire around the rim of the jar and then thread on coloured beads to the excess wire before making into a handle and securing again onto the rim. Hang onto a sturdy branch with a lit tea light in to make a magical garden.

4. No charge: If you’re looking for ways to save money but still want to send a proper invitation, Evite is the website for you. Simply select one of their designs, or create your own, and then send via e-mail or text. They’re free to send and receive, and good for the environment too.

5. It’s a puzzle: Younger children love simple puzzles, so how about buying a selection of colourful postcards, writing the details on the back and then carefully cutting the card into puzzle-shaped pieces. The kids will have fun putting their picture back together and revealing the time and date of the party to their parents.

6. Find a colouring book: with pictures on just one side of the paper and carefully extract the pages. Write the details of the party on the back of the picture and pop it in the post, together with the extra information that those children who colour in the picture on the front and bring it with them to the party will win a little prize.

7. Dried fruits and nuts: are also great snacks so look out for things like mini packs of Sunmaid raisins, which are perfect to pop into party food boxes. You can always sneak in some healthy dried fruit into some homemade mini muffins or flapjacks too, just be creative with your party food planning.

8. Place cards: This will mean each child knows where to sit and will stop any squabbles with children wanting to sit next to the birthday girl or boy. Be creative and write the name of the child onto a balloon and tie them to the back of their chairs.

9. Curling ribbon: Cut a few lengths of curling ribbon and pass between your thumb and scissor blade. Then lay the swirls along the centre of the table, around the centrepiece or even hanging from light fixtures above.

10. Don’t clutter: Setting out tablecloth, plates, napkins, paper cups, centrepiece and a few table decorations is all you need to make a party table the centre of attention but don’t go over the top and over clutter the table.

— Chloe Melas