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Kate Gosselin: Stop Complaining That You're Tired Planning Sextuplets Birthday Party When You Just Partied At Kentucky Derby!

Tue, May 10, 2011 12:01am EDT by 3 Comments
Posted Tue, May 10, 2011 12:01am EDT

Kate — no one forced you to go to the Kentucky Derby to wear silly hats and have a grand old time for three days!

That was your decision. You’re the one who decided to leave your eight children and go with your bodyguard, Steve Neild, to have a fine time at the derby.

As it was, you barely made it back on Sunday at dinner time, to spend time with the little Gosselettes on Mother’s Day.

You tweeted “Finally home and ready for my kiddies to arrive and get our celebration started…yay!” at 5 pm Sunday, May 8.

Listen, I’m a working mom of four Kate, and I get it — sometimes a mom, especially a single working mom, just has to have fun and needs a break from her kids.

But then don’t publicly complain that you’re so tired and you have to pull a party together by tomorrow for your sextuplets who are turning seven. “GM work load hits today after traveling4 quite a few days.have a bday party2 put together&everything I’ve let go!I’m tired already!”

Your kids are so young — their birthday is a BIG deal to them, especially when they’ve had so much change in their lives, and they don’t get to see their father Jon all that much.

It’s just not fair to indulge yourself and then not have energy for THEIR big day!

You tweeted that you’ll have a home party tomorrow alone, then a party with friends for the cameras!

Since we’ll “see” the second birthday party, it sounds like the Gosselettes will be “filming,” i.e. working, for their second birthday party.

You know Kate, you do have a lot of kids — but you wanted your sextuplets.  First, thank the Lord that against all medical odds they were born healthy and second, they will not stay seven year-olds for that long.

Before you know it, they’ll be teens and you’ll be missing these sweet young years and birthday parties.

So party when you need it, but don’t grumble to the world that you’re so tired because you have to plan a party for your kids!

–Bonnie Fuller

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