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'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Nene Leaves & Meatloaf Has An Emotional Breakdown!

Mon, May 9, 2011 12:00am EDT by William Earl 7 Comments

A lot went down this week between the final contestants and emotions seem to be getting the best of everyone. Get the scoop!

The show had to begin by addressing the conflict between Nene Leakes and Star Jones from last week, but Nene claimed they “couldn’t work it out,” so Donald decided to have Nene and Meatloaf switch teams.
The first of two challenges was to promote and sell tickets to a comedy show. The teams are now: John Rich, Lil’ John, Layota Jackson, and Nene vs. Meatloaf, Marlee Matlin, and Star.

Star pulled some strings to get Tracy Morgan to make a video appearance. LaToya wanted to make a big splash as team leader because it was her first time on the boy’s team and also her first week back since begging Donald to let her back on the show.

Nene disappeared for no reason other than that she just wanted to “be alone,” and Ivanka Trump expressed her disappointment in the lack of participation. After multiple unanswered calls, Nene sent a text to LaToya saying that she couldn’t stand the negative working environment of the show, so she needed to quit for good.

John pulled strings for his team with his friend, Jimmy Fallon, who agreed to do a bit for the comedy show.

Despite Meatloaf’s weirdness and constant crying throughout the episode, his stage presence was awesome. He really pulled through even though his teammates had low expectations. Marlee’s comedy segment was hilarious from what the TV audience could tell, but it was so heavily edited that it left us wanting more.

Best quote of the episode: “If you don’t offend people, then you probably aren’t funny”- Tracy Morgan

LaToya’s team did a great job too, especially when Jimmy Fallon came out and performed, in which he sang a song he wrote called “You’re fired!” He even brought a check for $10,000 to charity and managed to reference Omarosa during the song.

During the board meeting, Meatloaf cried AGAIN, and basically begged for Donald to give his charity money even if his team didn’t win. Donald reminded him that even though the show is about charity, it is more about winning. Marlee stood behind the ‘loaf and said he was a vital team member.

LaToya took an equally impartial stance and vouched that both her team members, John and Lil’ John worked equally.

Meatloaf ended up winning the competition and $190,000 dollars for his charity, the Painted Turtle children’s camp. When Donald pushed LaToya to throw someone under the bus, she wouldn’t and kept insisting that they were all equal players — leading to her second “You’re fired!’ LaToya was not only the only person in Celebrity Apprentice history to be allowed back on the show, but is now the only person to be fired TWICE.

Thanks to this week’s three hour time slot, there was another entire competition to enjoy, this one for the company OnStar. Their goal was to emphasize safety and constant availability, not only for new cars but old models as well. You can now buy OnStar across the country at all (product placement) Best Buy stores. Team leaders this time were Marlee and John Rich because both have been fundraising power-houses throughout the show.

The OnStar execs were very clear on what they were looking for in a commercial, but both teams had their flaws. John Rich wanted to blame his poor performance throughout the decision-making process on his sinus infection, which was apparently debilitating from the montage of “Sick John.”

Their flaws in the final product were that the actress in the commercial was featured driving a car without a seat belt, big No-No, and that at times it seemed like Lil’ John’s yelling at the camera was more appropriate for a discount home appliance ad than for an upscale safety feature.

Marlee let an over-enthusiastic Meatloaf take the reigns for creative control, which seemed odd because he pitched an idea about a cop and a doughnut shop. Their commercial wound up being cheesy and overall not what the OnStar execs were looking for.

The men’s team won, so, like every previous episode, they proceeded to take shots to the face in the green room while Donald, Ivanka, and another random Trump son deliberated over who to fire.

After an emotional shouting match between Star and Meatloaf, during which Meatloaf pressed a button by calling her “Sweetie,” Star was fired from this week’s episode. Do you think this was Donald’s best move? Vote!

— Brooke Peoples