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Ian Says: I Love That Rod Stewart Is A Hands-On Dad To Baby Aiden — But Is He Doing Enough?

Mon, May 2, 2011 5:13pm EDT by Add first Comment

Rocker Rod Stewart is suffering sleepless nights with newborn son Aiden — forcing him to seek shelter in the spare room!

I love that 66-year-old new dad Rod Stewart is experiencing REAL parenthood unlike many other pampered celebrities…. But perhaps he should help his wife Penny Lancaster feed, change and comfort 10-week-old Aiden rather than run away to another room!

“If the baby wakes up then you have to go sleep in the other room,” Rod reveals. “He’s up every two hours now so a few nights a week I go and sleep in another room.”

Aiden’s Rod’s EIGHTH kid, so I’m impressed he’s so hands on with his latest bundle of joy.

The singer describes it as a “good arrangement, but it seems a bit one-sided to me. I’d never get away with escaping and leaving my partner Jill to look after our baby son Callum in the middle of the night! So I’m urging Rod to man up and get his hands dirty and help out!

The star also revealed little Aiden is suffering reflux, a condition that affects around 50 percentage of newborns, whose digestive systems are not yet developed enough to handle an onslaught of milk.

He tells, “He’s having a little bit of trouble with the reflux. He drinks and brings it all up again, but he’s great.”

But it seems like Rod’s embracing having another baby around, which is just as well — because he’s about to be a grandad!

His daughter Kimberly is pregnant following a fling with actor Benicio Del Toro. Rod was thought to be rumoured to be angry about the unexpected announcement — but he tells People he’s thrilled: “It’s going to be good.”

What do you think about Rod’s parenting arrangement HollyMoms? Am I being too tough on Rod. After all, he is 66!

— Ian Garland


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