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'90210' Scoop: Trevor Donovan & Freddie Smith Spill On Teddy & Marco's First Kiss & Prom!

Mon, May 2, 2011 2:59pm EDT by 1 Comment

The long-ignored couple will finally get some attention on tonight’s ‘90210,’ and Trevor & Freddie tell us exactly fans can expect!

Teddy (Trevor Donovan) and Marco’s (Freddie Smith) relationship may have started off rocky on 90210, but the couple’s future is definitely looking bright. recently chatted with both halves of West Bev’s newest pair, who promise their relationship will soon develop a “solid foundation.” And yes, it sounds like we’ve got an epic first kiss coming our way soon!

“We did our first kissing scene, and that’s coming up,” Freddie reveals.

But it sounds like the fans will be more anxious for the big moment than Freddie was: “To me, it was just another day, another scene,” he continues. “It was just a fun scene do to. You walk out, give a kiss, and go on.”

Their relationship will hit a slight bump on tonight’s episode when (spoiler alert) Marco isn’t totally honest with Teddy about his financial situation. He thinks Teddy won’t like him if he knows he isn’t rich, but ends up getting caught in his own lie.

“It’s a good growing experience,” Freddie tells us. “That stuff doesn’t matter. It’s just a mature decision Teddy makes. It’s all about falling in love with someone no matter where they’re from and showing a lot of maturity in that character.”

And their relationship will be put to the test again May 9 at prom, which Freddie confirms they will be attending as a couple.

“Teddy has obviously reached a new level of comfort, showing up to a school function with his date,” Trevor adds.

So will the couple stay together through high school and into college? Trevor says we’ll all have to wait a few weeks to get that answer.

“You will find out the group’s various college plans — or non-college plans, as the case may be — in the last episode,” Trevor teases. “But since the show’s been picked up, it sounds like we’ll all be back.”

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