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'Mob Wives' Preview: Drita D'avanzo — 'I'm So Mad At Lee & Want To Be Alone!'

Sun, May 1, 2011 3:17pm EDT by Add first Comment
Courtesy of VH1

Drita can’t handle the fact her husband Lee may be in prison for another 2-3 years! She’s trying to decide if she should leave him!

On the May 1 episode of Mob Wives, Drita D’avanzo freaks out that her husband Lee D’avanzo lied to her about how long he’s going to be in jail.

“I had a really bad fight with Lee,” Drita says. “Lee’s not clear about when he’s coming home. I’m completely pissed off.”

So Drita takes some much needed time to get a pedicure with her gal pal Michelle. But what’s supposed to be a relaxing hour turns into a pity party for Drita as she pours her heart out about the whole situation.

“I’m in a dilemma right now,” Drita explains to Michelle. “Lee is probably going to do like 2-3 more years than I thought.”

When Drita married Lee she didn’t expect life to turn out this way. “At 24, I lost the house, a job, a husband, a car, everything,” she remembers. “Waking up one morning — knock, knock, knock — the feds came. After they came, everything was gone.”

“When people get married, they are relaxed. They stay there. They die in that home. They grow old there. They have grandchildren,” she continues. “Me? I’m like a gypsy. I’m with him 13-14 years, whatever it is. I’ve moved 11 times. Who moves 11 times?”

Drita’s starting to think that she doesn’t want Lee to be part of the picture anymore. “The crazy thing is, I think I’m so used to being alone, I want to be alone,” she admits. “How crazy is that? That’s so sad, right? I’m so mad at him, it’s sick. He’s like, ‘What’s two more years?’ Isn’t that sick? They lose a concept of time.”

On top of everything else, Drita also has to worry about her two daughters — Aleeya, 9 and Gizelle, 3.

“It’s Aleeya I worry about. I didn’t even tell her,” says Drita. “I feel like Lee should tell Aleeya that. Lee should talk to her on his own. I think I might take her on a visit, let her sit in there. I’m not going to watch her go through hell and cry. I’m done with watching that kid be in pain.”

Be sure to check out VH1 at 8 p.m. for an all-new episode of Mob Wives!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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