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'Vampire Diaries' Star Joseph Morgan On Klaus' Plans For Season Three & A Potential Elena-Elijah Romance

Thu, April 28, 2011 6:53pm EDT by Andy Swift 9 Comments

Plus, Joseph gives us his thoughts on the Royal Wedding. (Spoiler alert: He’s DVR-ing it.)

Though Elena (Nina Dobrev) and her merry band of vampires are working hard to destroy über-villain Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and prevent “the sacrifice,” there’s a very real possibility they will fail — at least in some way. Rumor has it, Klaus and his half-brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies) will be sticking around next season on The Vampire Diaries, and Joseph tells that Klaus has big, deadly plans in store for the people of Mystic Falls.

Klaus has been called many things — a were-pire, a Prius, etc. Any personal preference?

On Twitter, a lot of people have put out suggestions like “were-pire” and “vamp-wolf.” I’m not really sure. I love the term “hybrid,” even though it’s mostly associated with a car now. That’s an interesting question. Maybe you should put up a poll or something. [Editor’s note: Done! It’s at the bottom of this post.] He’s just been referred to as a “hybrid” on the show. Maybe a “were-vampire.” “Vamp-wolf” isn’t bad. Maybe we should leave it up to the fans.

Were you worried about living up to the fans’ expectations of Klaus?

Yes, to be honest with you. The more I watched of season two as I was preparing for the part, the more pressure I felt. I’m so passionate about the [vampire] genre anyway, so I felt like all I had to do was let myself run free with it and embrace it all. Everyone’s been wonderful, especially my followers on Twitter who were with me before I even appeared on the show. I’ve felt very loved, I’m very grateful.

Flashbacks often bring wacky costumes and embarrassing wigs. Were you happy with your ensemble?

The costumes were incredible. A couple were hand-made, and I loved the velvety blue costumes. One of the ideas I was going for in the past was that Klaus was like a spoiled prince, a rich kid who’s never had anyone say no to him. That outfit kind of accentuated that. The wig looked very much like how I used to have my hair a few years ago. I’m hoping if we flash back further — maybe 1,000 years to when the curse was set — we’ll see a very different look again.

Speaking of spoiled princes, any interest in the Royal Wedding?

I’m going to DVR it. I get kind of impatient watching those kind of things. It’s fantastic, but those ceremonies are so drawn out. I’ll probably have a flick-through.

The fans are asking: Is Klaus “in love” with Katherine?

In all honesty, I think he was never “in love” with Katherine in the way we think of love. When we meet Katherine in the flashback, Elijah said she reminds him of someone. She’s a doppelganger, let’s not forget, of the original Petrova. So Klaus’ plan, when he meets Katherine, is always to sacrifice her. There was never a love attachment, but there was always a fascination with her. I think of it like a cat batting a mouse between its paws. Part of it was probably sexual, part of it was emotional, and the rest was his actual appetite.

Julie Plec recently said season three will be the “Season of the Originals.” Does that mean you and Daniel Gillies might be back?

There’s no guarantee either of us will make it past this season. If we do, that decision has to be made by Julie and Kevin [Williamson.] I think it’s also up to the fans, whether or not they WANT to see more of us and how much people are interested in the Originals’ history. Should we make it to season three, a lot of things will be worth exploring. One of the things mentioned on the show is that we’re the “Original family of vampires,” but it hasn’t been explained how WE became vampires. That’s absolutely something we need to delve into.

Last thought, since you’re his half-brother and all: Do you think an Elijah-Elena relationship could work?

That’s interesting, isn’t it? There’s something there, a kind of respect and trust she has for him. I feel like it’s possibly more fatherly on his part. But never say never. This is The Vampire Diaries. Anything can happen!

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