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Lorena Says: ‘The Voice’ Is Refreshingly New & Entertaining! I’m Addicted!

Wed, April 27, 2011 4:55pm EDT by 3 Comments

Christina Aguilera and her fellow coaches kept me captivated with their personalities during the blind auditions! Here’s my recap and list of favorite contestants

The Voice premiered tonight and I’m completely hooked. The musical competition show has a winning combination of interesting judges (Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton), new rules setting it apart from American Idol, and a genuine emphasis on musical talent over appearances. The judges are in fact coaches who will split up into teams and help the singers improve their talents. Read more to learn about the premiere and the new contestants!

I usually despise the audition rounds on American Idol. Sure there are usually some funny singers, but sometimes hearing the terrible voices is overwhelmingly annoying. However, on The Voice, where they have pre-selected performers who can actually sing, the auditions round is not only entertaining, but captivating.

First of all, they are blind. The coaches face away from the stage and press a button if they like what they hear, and would like a shot at coaching the contestant. They do not see the singer performing unless they’d like to coach them, and the remaining coaches who don’t press the button aren’t turned to see the singers until the end of the song. This makes for some comic comments like those of Cee Lo when he sees Sonia Rao, a beautiful girl who nobody turned for and was subsequently eliminated from the show completely. “No!” he yells as Christina teases him.

If more than one coach would like to help a contestant, which happens often, the coaches must argue their case for why the singer should choose them. It turns the coaches into competitors themselves, which creates some drama. Christina and Adam are often the ones bickering and let me just say, Mr. Levine is very convincing. He fights hard for the people he really wants, and the other three coaches often make persuasive arguments as well. Blake shows a lot of personality and spunk and Cee Lo always has a smile on his face.


  • Javier Colon – “Time After Time”: This was my favorite performance of the night. Javier, father of two little girls, had an amazing rendition of the classic song and made all four judges turn around. Adam needled his way in with his charm despite Christina’s promise, “I have people who would take you under their wing.”
  • Tarralyn Ramsey – “Breathe”: Tarralyn starts out the night beautifully with her powerful voice. Both Christina and Cee Lo turn around, and Adam explains “I didn’t push my button because you’re a better singer than me.” She chooses Christina after crying from joy.
  • Patrick Thomas – “Live Like You Were Dying”: Patrick and his cowboy hat bring yet another fantastic voice to the crowd and Adam, Cee Lo (both of whom often turn around simultaneously) then Blake (who often waits until the end to turn around) push their buttons. Christina lets the boys fight it out (country star Blake wins … not shocking, did I mention the cowboy hat?) but not before asking Patrick to take his hat and pants off.
  • Xenia – “Break Even”: This sweet and shy 16-year-old blew away the coaches with her very mature voice, and although Cee Lo and Blake both wanted to coach her, she went with Blake.
  • Elenowen – “Falling Slowly”: The duo made for a funny moment in the competition, Blake reacted comically when a male voice chimed in unexpectedly after a female one. The pair are actually married in real life, and I enjoyed their song. However, I did agree with Adam who said they were “so cute I want to barf.” They chose Blake over Cee Lo as their coach.
  • Kelsey Rey – “American Boy”: She cried after her performance because she is finally being recognized for her voice and not for her self-admitted “prettiness.” The girl is lovely (slightly resembling Lucy Hale), and she can sing, but she might have to drop the “being pretty is so hard” routine.
  • Jeff Jenkins –“Bless the Broken Road”: His strong vocals had all four judges pressing their buttons, but Adam took home the win … despite having “never heard that song”. As a Rascal Flatts fan can I just say, “I’m sorry. What!?” But I adore Adam, so I forgive him.

There were many other exciting moments like when Frenchie Davis from American Idol took the stage and was paired up with Christina Aguilera. Or when Rebecca Loeb said looking at Christina is like “staring at the surface of the sun.” Christina was upbeat and down-to-earth for the most part and all of the coaches seem endearing and friendly.

What do you think of the episode? Will you tune in again? Are you hooked for the season? Who was your favorite contestant? Favorite coach? Sound off below!


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