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Three-Year-Old Mauled By Wild Dogs In Australia — And Survives!

Tue, April 26, 2011 10:10am EDT by 2 Comments

A horrifying attack by two dingoes left an infant just ‘seconds from death’ — are the parents to blame?

The attack took place on April 25 on Fraser Island, a popular tourist destination in the Australian state of Queensland. The dingoes lunged for the as-yet-unnamed toddler after she wandered off from family members while they waited for a boat back to the mainland. Passers-by scared the dogs away, but her legs were badly bitten during the attack.

Tourist David Law, who witnessed the terrifying attack, tells the Daily Mail, “I give it ten seconds — and it would have been another fatality.”

He adds of her injuries, “She had a severe wound on the back of her calf, scratching in the groin area and she’s got a wound in the rear of her back, around the kidney section.”

And he blames the girl’s parents for leaving her unattended on a island where tourists are warned of the danger of dingoes: “If the child was supervised, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Authorities have confirmed that the two dingoes have been caught and killed and the girl has been taken to hospital on the Australian mainland, where she is recovering.

It’s the second dingo attack on Fraser Island this year – a Korean woman was attacked by a pack of dogs in January. But amazingly the animals are a protected species!

It also chillingly echoes the 1988 movie A Cry In The Dark, which earned Meryl Streep an Oscar nomination for her role as a real life mom who was tried for murder after claiming her baby was abducted by dingoes.

— Ian Garland


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