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Carolyn Hennesy Talks About Cougar Town, Courtney Cox, and her Book 'The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli!'

Thu, April 21, 2011 3:05pm EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment
Carolyn Hennesy Talks About Cougar Town, Courtney Cox, and her Book 'The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli!'

Soap opera and sitcom star Carolyn Hennesy spoke exclusively to on all the deets about her character on Cougar Town, her real life relationship with Courtney Cox, and what to expect in her new book!

As we already know, Carolyn‘s character Barb is the ultimate cougar on the show, but who is the cougar in real life? According to Carolyn, she is! This flirtatious cougar said, “I think it’s me. Carolyn the actress is thrilled whenever she gets to play with young men… I love to look. I ‘loooove’ to look. Catch, you know, happily married, can’t act on that, but boy I love to look!” Naughty, Naughty!

Carolyn also confessed she’d love to be in Jules‘ friend group especially because the thought of hanging out and drinking wine all day out of “Big Carl” sounds great to her even though Jules seems to be a challenge to figure out. “How does she always know where Jules is going to be? How does she know where to show up? The thing about Barb is she got a lock on Jules. She knows exactly who Jules is. She gets it,” Carolyn says about the two characters. Next year we may see Barb in her own relationship with someone who is already on the show making it possible for Barbs and Jules’ to become a little closer!

When talking about dream story arches, Carolyn says she had to work with Jules and become part of her “cob realty” in order to integrate her into the world of cougars. And, as most dream stories, Barb wants to find a Saudi Prince to marry and run off to live on a private island. I hope her dream comes true!

Carolyn also spoke highly about Courtney Cox. They aren’t BFF’s but they definitely aren’t rivals either! She said over and over again what a doll she was and how beautiful she is inside and out, “she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and that’s saying something because she’s pretty gorgeous on the outside,” Carolyn gushed.  You would think as an actress married to an actor, as Courtney is to David Arquette, and with the admiration Carolyn has for Courtney, she would be jumping to give any marital advice to her boss/co-star to pull through the some-what of a difficult time she’s going through with her hubby. But in fact, she doesn’t want to offer any advice because she puts all of her time in effort into her own relationship!

Not only is she the star of two hit shows, but Carolyn has also just  released a book titled “The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli” in which she wrote for ABC/Disney Hyperion which is about Damian Spinelli’s character from the show and she’s “created about 15-16 stories, in which he is always the hero. He interacts with everybody on the campus in Port Charles…It’s all the characters from his point of view and it’s very funny, very endearing. You see all your favorite characters kind of in a different light.”

With working on book six of her Pandora series for young adults and her two acting gigs, Carolyn is one busy gal these days!

–Joann Vaglica