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'Teen Mom' Leah Messer & Corey Simms Battling It Out For Custody Of Twin Girls!

Wed, April 20, 2011 9:36am EDT by Chloe Melas 30 Comments

Leah filed for divorce and now Corey is gearing up to fight her for sole custody of Ali and Aleeah — Do you think he should be trying to get the kids?

Life is about to get even messier for Teen Mom star Leah Messer. The 19-year-old reality star filed for divorce in West Virginia’s Kanawha County Family Court on April 14, just six months after she and Corey Simms tied the knot. But now Corey is reportedly preparing to ask for custody of their 16-month-old twin girls — and his family is going to help him fight Leah in court!“Corey’s father vows to spend as much as he has to ensure that Corey gets custody,” a source tells OK! Magazine.

Just two days after filing for divorce and a week after moving in with her parents, Leah was seen crying in the arms of a girlfriend. It turns out Leah found Facebook messages between Corey and another girl that cut her to the core. “I haven’t been this happy in a long time,” he wrote.

Friends of the couple reveal that Leah and Corey married simply out of convenience. They needed money to help with Ali’s medical bills and it was the only way they could appear on Teen Mom 2.

“Leah is a good mother but a terrible wife,” a source says. “Corey had a completely different scenario in mind. They never communicated and the fighting was getting ridiculous.”

But even though the couple have reached the end of their marriage together, do you think it’s right to embark in a bitter and very public custody battle?

Here’s what drove Leah & Corey apart:

  • Leah leaves Corey at home on March 25 with the twins so that she could go to a party for a guy named Logan.
  • Corey gets upset when he discovers Leah went to the party because Logan fractured Corey’s eye socket in 2009 when they got into a fight over a girl!
  • Corey stops having sex with Leah and verbally attacks her about her stretch marks.
  • Leah gets upset because Corey transfers money from their joint bank account so that he could attempt to buy a new truck instead of using it for Ali’s medical bills or a down payment on a new home.
  • One night while Corey was on the phone, he smacked Leah across the face with a manila folder and screamed “just shut the f**k up.”
  • Leah finds Corey looking at pornography on the sofa in their home.
  • Leah takes matters into her own hands and makes it difficult for Corey’s parents to see the girls.
  • Leah is disgusted with the condition of the home they live in “rent-free” because Corey’s parents own it.
  • Leah and Corey get into a “brutal” fight on April 11
  • Leah is at her mother’s home on April 13 and is “physically ill” from the stress and spends the day vomiting.
  • Leah goes to dinner at Lone Star Steakhouse on April 14 and looks “despondent” but signs autographs for a few fans.
  • Leah files for divorce on April 15 — believing the home is toxic for the girls.
  • Corey hires an attorney and intends to fight Leah for custody of Ali and Aleeah.
  • Corey tells Leah to leave their home and Leah is shocked because she was always telling friends how in love they were!

— Chloe Melas

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