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Lorena Says: Demi Lovato You Are So Brave, Your Fans Really Appreciate Your Honesty!

Wed, April 20, 2011 6:55pm EDT by 4 Comments

Thank you Demi Lovato for being honest about your issues. Your bond with your fans is even stronger and we’re happy you have friends like Selena Gomez sticking by you!

Demi Lovato has blown us away by completely pouring out her secrets to the world in the hopes it will help others who have suffered with issues like eating disorders, cutting, and depression. Demi’s fan base is one of the most consistently loyal in Hollywood, sticking by the Disney starlet no matter what struggles she may have to overcome. Plus, Demi also has great friends like Selena Gomez to help her through this tough time!

Hollywood is full of public breakdowns and sadly, the earlier the stars are exposed to the spotlight, the more likely they are to burn out under the pressure. I have never seen such an intensely loyal and supportive fan base as Demi Lovato’s. Demi’s fans are constantly tweeting their love for the actress and are now genuinely expressing their appreciation for admitting intimate details of her dark time, including when she ate only two meals a week.

Demi has taken her difficult moments and turned them into an inspirational story. She is defining the term “role model”, and in my opinion, her friend Selena is doing the same. Demi admitted to People “Selena [Gomez] and I reconnected the first week. We hadn’t spoken in a long time. I take the blame; I feel like it was because of the way I’d been acting. She called me and she was the one crying.” It’s beautiful that their bond has strengthened along with Demi’s recovery.

Demi put her health above her career when she stepped away from Sonny with a Chance, and that isn’t an easy thing to do. Not everyone would walk away from a successful career and put their health as top priority, and Demi’s fans are just as amazing for supporting her decision and standing by all of her responsible choices she has been making.

Do you agree? Are you grateful Demi has opened up in order to help others? Are you happy she was so honest about her struggles?

Lorena O’Neil

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