Demi Moore Wears A Hydration Mask To Sleep! Experts Give Details On This Beauty Tip!

Demi Moore revealed her skincare secret to the world -- this bedtime mask! Would YOU wear one? Demi Moore, 48, tweeted a picture on April 18 showing everyone the hydration mask she puts on before going to bed! Skincare experts tell us whether this really works!

Demi wore the SK-II facial treatment mask and took a picture of it! Even celebrities like to show off products that really work!

Dr. Amy Forman Taub, dermatologist and founder of Skinfo Specialty Skincare Boutique and SKINQRI, tells us that hydration masks do not replace the daily need to moisturize but still offer a lot of benefits.

“Hydration masks are a temporary boosting of hydration that is conjunctive to daily application of hydrating products, avoiding pollutants, making sure that your skin is protected from the sun, which is a dehydrating factor, and keeping humidity levels in your house good.”

Wendy Lewis, editor-in-chief of Beauty in the Bag, says that the SK-II facial treatment mask is one of their “hero” products. “Rather than a typical mask from a jar, this is a cotton cloth that is treated with hydrating ingredients like humectants, vitamins and amino acids that dry skin soaks up.”

Wendy especially likes the fact that the treatment masks are individually packaged. “They are terrific for travel — especially after a transcontinental flight, which wreaks havoc on your skin. It’s like a mini facial in a silver pack, for around $12.50 each.”

Plastic Surgeon Dr. J David Holcomb of Sarasota, Fla., agrees — he says the mask provides a lot of hydration. so much that it can give the effect of a facelift. However, the effect is temporary. “This is just a very intense moisturizer,” he says. Only surgical lifts can give you permanent results.

Would you wear a hydration mask? Tell us!

–Amanda Chen

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