Bonnie Says: Jennifer Aniston, Do NOT Have Sex With Your Ex, Bradley Cooper!

Jen, no matter how tempted you are by Renee Zellweger's leftover, you should run, not walk away from this hunk! Jen -- are you a glutton for punishment or what? I know your rep will officially deny that you are having any contact whatsoever from your ex, Bradley Cooper, but there is something going on between the two of you!

Someone in your camp has leaked to People magazine that “in the past few weeks, they have stayed in contact” — that is, Brad and Jen.

“Jen always had a soft spot for Bradley, and she thinks he is very attractive and charming,” says the source. “Jen appreciates that Bradley is low-key, loves dogs and is focused on his movie career.”

The source further reveals that Cooper, 36, is planning to spend time with Jen, 42!

Ok Jen — that’s the last thing you should do!

The last thing you need is ANOTHER non-committed playboy in your life. Or worse than that, a celebrity playboy who just may be using you for publicity because he has a new film, Hangover 2, coming out May 26.

Yes Jen, you have a history of being in “relationships” when you and your “man” have a movie to promote. Remember Vince Vaughn, your co-star boyfriend in The Breakup and Gerard Butler, your co-star/friend with benefits from the Bounty Hunter?

But you’ve also been played twice by younger man, John Mayer,  who publicly embarrassed you by talking about your love life. . . and yet you took him back.

Jen — you seem to have a weak spot for men you’ve already done the deed with!

I don’t know if it’s a low self-esteem issue or if you’re a secret fame hog and only want to date Big Name men, but you don’t need to give Bradley Cooper a second chance.

I know he’s hot. I know you have a new film, Horrible Bosses, opening July 8, and you may want a flashbulby date, but that’s not going to fulfill the relationship hole in your life!

The source who spoke to People, and I believe your camp is in on it, says “They (you and Brad) have a lot in common.”

Well Jen, unless it’s more than having two films to promote and the need for red carpet arm candy, then it’s time to break out of this pattern of going for a round two with an A List ex before they break your heart again.

–Bonnie Fuller

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