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Kirstin Says: No Question About It, Chelsea Kane Should Win 'Dancing With The Stars!'

Mon, April 18, 2011 10:18pm EDT by 1 Comment

So why was she in the bottom two last week? Pick up your phones and vote, America!

Being the lesser known celebrity on this season’s Dancing with the Stars has certainly proven to be a disadvantage to Disney starlet Chelsea Kane. Nevertheless, I think she’s by far the strongest dancer in the competition and deserves to go to the end — especially after her nearly flawless (and fabulously cheesy) “All-American” performance April 18!

Here are my thoughts on tonight’s dances, in order from most favorite to least favorite:

Chelsea Kane: For someone who says her diet consists of donuts every day, Chelsea looks phenomenal and her Samba to Miley Cyrus‘s “Party in the USA” was HOT. Mark Ballas kept it traditional, so the moves were just what the judges wanted. Nearly everyone agreed: it was the best dance of the night! 26/30

Hines Ward: Hines ward is like the silent killer. He’s consistently performed well every week, but somehow stays off the radar. Tonight his dance to ‘”Proud to Be An American” made me proud to watch him. It was practically flawless! 27/30

Kirstie Alley: Kirstie was out for blood during the package before her dance, and it showed on the dance floor! Her dance was “bold, ambitious and borderline crazy” according to Carrie Ann and I loved it. She gets so saucy for a 60-year-old woman — I hope I act that young when I’m her age. 23/30

Romeo: Romeo’s Fox trot with Chelsea Hightower to “New York, New York” was adorable. It felt like I was watching little kids play dress up! Carrie Ann called it “so cool and sophisticated” — and once again, I agreed! 26/30

Petra Nemcova: Petra and Dmitry’s dance to “Viva Las Vegas” was glamorous and fun. She looked beautiful (as always) and her confidence has soared in the last few weeks. The dance was fast, so it could have been cleaner — however, overall I really enjoyed it. 22/30

Chris Jerricho: Chris and Cheryl’s Vietnamese Waltz to “God Bless the USA” pleased the judges. They thought his technique was amazing — I was too busy laughing at how cheesy the whole thing was to notice. 26/30

Ralph Macchio: Ralph and Karina’s Samba to “Sweet Home Alabama” failed to impress some of the judges, but I thought it was hysterical. Who cares about the dance moves when a dance is so entertaining? Carrie Ann said it was “one of his most vivacious performances ever.” I just thought it was the funniest thing I’d seen all day. 22/30

Kendra: Kendra and Louis performed the 1,000th dance of DWTS, which of course was celebrated with streamers. “We’re nothing but understated,” Tom Bergeron said, laughing. Their dance to “Yankee Doodle Dandy” was perky and athletic. I loved their Uncle Sam/American flag costumes — they reminded me of the Fourth of July! That said, I’m not feeling Kendra on the dance floor and wouldn’t be sad if she’s the one who gets the boot tomorrow night. 22/30

Did YOU find “American” night as hysterical as I did? Who do you think shined the most? And most importantly, who’s getting kicked off tomorrow night? Sound off below!