'Gossip Girl' Scoop: Will Lily & Dr. Van Der Woodsen Get Back Together?

Will Lily be leaving Rufus for her ex? Is Dr. van der Woodsen out to sabotage the family? Is Lily heading to jail? Gossip Girl is FINALLY back April 18, and viewers will get to see what is going to happen with Lily (Kelly Rutherford) now that she has been charged with forging Serena's (Blake Lively) name on a false affidavit -- and what role her ex husband (Billy Baldwin) will play in it all! According to Billy, while Dr. van der Woodsen has been called on to help Lily and the family, there are "definitely" still feelings between him and his ex-wife!

Dr. van der Woodsen is obviously bothering Rufus (Matthew Settle) with his presence, and it seems like he could be causing quite a bit of trouble between Rufus and Lily. On the subject of whether or not there is still a spark between the Dr. and Lily, Billy told HollywoodLife: “Most definitely. I don’t think that, I know that.” Drama!

Sadly, while Lily’s drama will be in full swing as she sits through house arrest before her trial, don’t expect any major drama from Dr. van der Woodsen. “I don’t really go out with any fireworks that are specifically tied to my character.  I’ve come in, you know, to sort of  help put out the fire of this impending incarceration for Lilly,” Billy says. Sounds like Lily may really be heading to prison!

That is not to say he will not be back next season to stir up trouble, something he has already discussed with the producers. “Even Rufus should understand that the resident expert on van der Woodsen dysfunction is William.  He’s created half of it himself.  He knows where the bodies are buried.”

Sadly, Billy will not be in the finale episode and could not offer any insight to how the show might leave off — but we all know Blair’s (Leighton Meester) engagement is imminent!

You can check out all the drama Monday, April 18, at 9 pm on the CW!
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