'Degrassi' Scoop: Sam Earle Says 'We're Very Close' To Seeing Jenna Have Her Baby

But will KC be a good dad? Watch this preview clip of Jenna & her baby daddy butting heads on tonight's episode. Jenna (Jessica Tyler) is about to become Degrassi's favorite cheerleader-turned-teen mom -- sorry, Nina Dobrev, but Mia Jones is so two seasons ago -- as she's almost ready to pop! "We're very close, so there won't be that much waiting left," Jenna's baby daddy himself, Sam Earle, tells HollywoodLife.com. "It's a little cliffhanger note we're left on."

Sam says it’s “mind-blowing” to see how much KC has grown already, and that he’s now “an awesome guy.” So it’s no surprise Sam believes KC will be able to pull it together for his kid.

“That’s where KC comes from — a bad relationship with his father, clearly if he’s in jail,” Sam points out. “I think it’s up to him to break that cycle, and I think he’s intelligent and mature enough to do that. This is chance, he absolutely has to do that.”

Let’s hope he improves after tonight’s episode. Check out this preview clip which features a not-so-friendly conversation between baby daddy and baby mama.

The ever-tactful Dave (Jahmil French) had the right idea: “Crap, domestic? I’m out of here.”

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