If Your BF Buys You A Promise Ring Like Robert Pattinson Got For Kristen Stewart, Is He Really Ready To Settle Down?

Image Credit: Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Does the $17,000 ring R-Patz bought for K-Stew mean he’s ready to say ‘I do?’

Holy moly! If the reports are true, Robert Pattinson bought girlfriend Kristen Stewart one pretty darn expensive 21st birthday gift — a $17,000 antique “promise ring.” But just because Rob spent the cash and gave his girl a piece of jewelry, does it mean that he’s ready to marry her at the age of 24?

OK! magazine reports that Rob bought his lady love said ring because he knew she’d love it, and a “friend” describes the piece as having, “rose-cut diamonds set in rose gold” and being “a very feminine piece of jewelry and very old.”

However, although this friend claims that, “Rob is more mature than Kristen and and he’s ready to settle down”, is that the truth? Is he, like his Breaking Dawn character Edward Cullen, ready to say “I do?”

Unless Rob used the phrase “promise ring” outright, Kristen shouldn’t be freaking out just yet that she’s about to turn into her Twilight character, Bella Swan (and that isn’t a very cool thing to do, so my guess is Rob didn’t use those words) and marry young. If he definitely did purchase such an expensive piece of jewelry, it was because Rob does love Kristen, and wanted to get her something she’d like — not because she’s going to be his future wife. Sorry, but guys just don’t plan that far ahead.

So if your guy decides to buy you a piece of bling and it isn’t Valentine’s Day or your birthday, don’t read too much into it. That’s where we ladies go wrong, always jumping the gun. If he’s buying you something, he cares about you. He’s thinking about you enough to get you a really nice, thoughtful gift. Isn’t that enough?


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