'Gossip Girl': Will We See Blair Married By The End Of The Season? Exclusive Details!

The latest Gossip Girl promo reveals Blair is getting engaged; we chatted with the show's executive producers about how soon there will be a ring on her finger! Is it Chuck, Dan or the Prince? Gossip Girl returns in one week and from the looks of the brand new promo we are in for some very exciting episodes featuring a soon-to-be-affianced Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester). We spoke to executive producer's Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran about her upcoming engagement and whether Chuck and Blair fans will be happy or crying at the end of the season finale.

Will the show lead up to Blair’s engagement or are we hit with it as soon as you return on April 18? “You are not hit with it as soon as we get back. It’s not the first thing that happens,” explains Stephanie. “The promo features scenes from the next five episodes, so we don’t necessarily want to harp on something that happens in the fifth episode when we are still one week away from the first [of the remaining episodes].” Josh interrupted quickly, “That is not to say Blair is getting engaged in the fifth episode.”

So let’s backtrack. Prince Louis Grimaldi is back. Are we going to learn more about him? Does he have any skeletons in his closet we will discover? “He is back, which I think is very exciting. But the relationships in the next four episodes will really focus on our core characters. So you’ll have to wait and see if there’s more from the Prince but really we are focusing a lot on the core,” reveals Josh.

Okay, back to the engagement. Blair loves Harry Winston. Would she even accept an engagement ring that wasn’t Harry Winston? “That’s a very funny specific question that is actually answered in the episodes,” laughs Stephanie. As most devout Gossip Girl fans know, Chuck bought Blair a very special Harry Winston, which we see him take out of his safe in the previews. But we also see the Prince go down on his knee! So what gives? And will we find out who she is engaged to by the end of the season?

“There are multiple, huge cliffhangers at this season finale. The stories we tell at the beginning of the season go all the way through to the end,” confesses Stephanie. “Last year was a dark finale. This finale is much more juicy and fun and not dark like last year,” adds Josh. So will Blair and Chuck fans NOT be crying at the end of the finale? “Nobody dies,” Josh responds dryly, remaining understandably tight-lipped on the Chuck/Blair storyline that everybody’s asking about.

We were also told that Cyrus, Blair’s step-father, is returning for the two-part finale, as are multiple other guests including Georgina. So does Cyrus’ return mean a wedding is happening? “No comment,” say the producers.

Although they aren’t giving us much to go on (and who can blame them, the promo already speaks volumes), it sounds like Chuck and Blair fans will be satisfied with the amount of screen time their favorite characters will be getting as we follow the “core” in the next few weeks. It seems like a rational deduction that Cyrus is coming back for the consulate bash rather than a wedding — plus you’d think a wedding dress would make its way into the previews — but it’s still interesting to guess who Blair’s fiance is! Dan and Blair’s romance looks like it’s fizzling judging from the scenes, and we aren’t loving the title “Shattered Bass” for the episode leading up to the finale, but “Wrong Kiss Goodnight” (the finale’s title) keeps us guessing! It seems like all signs could point to the Prince but watch the video and vote on who you think she’ll be getting engaged to by the end of the season! And stay tuned for more scoop about the next few episodes, especially the future of Serena and Blair’s friendship.

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