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Baby Callum's Big Date With The Doctor!

Fri, April 8, 2011 8:00pm EDT by Add first Comment
Posted Fri, April 8, 2011 8:00pm EDT

Callum is 4 months old today. We didn’t mark the occasion with a party, cake or any balloons. As every new parent knows, this particular landmark means only one thing — a dreaded trip to the doctor’s office!

It’s been 2 months since Callum last visited his pediatrician, which sadly isn’t long enough for us to forget that he and doctors don’t mix well.

The first person to lay hands on Callum was the obstetrician who delivered him, and he rewarded her gentle touch with a scream, loud enough to perforate every ear drum in the room.

And it’s been a steady downhill slide since — culminating last time around when he peed all over the office… and the doctor… and us, during his examination.

So we were, understandably, a little anxious about his four month appointment.

We were excited too. We wanted to know how our little fella was getting on. We’ve been playing an elaborate guessing game over his weight — treating him like some kind of carnival side-show — and I was desperate to find out if he had topped 16 pounds, as I (and my sore arms) suspected.

But we were mostly worried. He was due for another round of injections, and the last time he had jabs, he didn’t react well, screaming and trembling in fear.

However the little guy was determined to prove us wrong, and embarked on a charm offensive from the moment we stepped into the doctor’s office — giggling and cooing patiently in the waiting room while the other infants squirmed, squealed and screamed.

The pediatrician looked a little concerned when she ushered us into her room — I think she remembered what happened last time and wished she was wearing something more pee-proof.

But he even won her over, flirting and fluttering his eyelashes at her and even gobbling down the drops she gave him with a smile (babies usually hate them – we were told).

When it came down to the dreaded needle, he took the first shot like a trouper, gritting his gums and holding back the tears.

Callum couldn’t stop the waterworks the second time around, but he responded with more of a whimper than a wail.

He was a little sleepy for a couple of hours after the session, but he bounced back quickly – and we were very proud, feeling terrible we’d doubted his resolve!

Callum’s due for another session in 2 months, and we’re not nearly as worried.

And as for his weight… I was wrong about that as well. He tipped the scales at 14 pounds and 12 ounces, placing him in the 50 percentile of babies his age. That means (I had to look it up) 50 percent of babies are heavier, and 50 percent of babies are lighter.

It sounds like he’s an average little chap — but I prefer the doctor’s choice of words. She said he’s “perfect” and I couldn’t agree more.

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— Ian Garland

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