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'Degrassi' Scoop: Annie Clark Reveals Things Get Awkward With Holly J — Plus The End Of Fiona & Adam?

Fri, April 8, 2011 3:26pm EDT by Andy Swift 29 Comments

And, check out an exclusive clip of Fiona & Adam’s date from tonight’s episode!

Champagne-chugging, brother-kissing, sexuality-swapping Fiona (Annie J. Clark) is always full of surprises — but no one was more surprised than Holly J. (Charlotte Arnold) when Fiona kissed her at the end of last week’s Degrassi. On tonight’s episode, Annie tells, we’ll see a whole lot of awkwardness between the two friends. Oh, and she also has some not-so-good news for fans of Fiona and Adam’s (Jordan Todosey) relationship.

“We’ll see in [tonight’s] episode that Fiona meant that kiss to be more than just a friendly gesture,” Annie teases. “And Holly J. is not going to feel the same way.”

Fiona’s views on substance abuse and the opposite sex have done a total 180 since she debuted on Degrassi last fall. But Annie says she’s proud of how much Fiona has revealed about herself — especially when it comes to her relationship with the show’s female-to-male transgender character, Adam.

“I wasn’t really sure how people were going to react that, because we don’t see it as much,” Annie admits. “But people are loving ‘Fadam.’ I get tweets all the time being like, ‘Fadam needs to work,’ and even ‘Annie and Jordy Todosey need to date in real life!’ I was like, ‘Well, I don’t know about that.’

Now, here’s that bad news I mentioned earlier…

“The fans love ‘Fadam,’ so I hope they don’t get crushed during the episodes coming up,” Annie says. “Fiona realizes she’s into girls.”

But before you go crying into your pillow — presumably one with Drake‘s face on it — I do have a gift for ‘Fadam’ fans. Here’s a first-look clip of one of the couple’s nicer moments from tonight’s episode.

Watch it, then drop your thoughts about ‘Fadam’ in the comments section below!

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