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Backstage Secrets From The 'Dancing With The Stars' Makeup Artist!

Wed, April 6, 2011 2:44pm EDT by Add first Comment

The head makeup artist for Dancing With the Stars gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes!

Melanie Mills, spokesperson for Anastasia Beverly Hills and Head Makeup Artist for Dancing with the Stars, tell us about the stars of the hit show, and how she gets them camera-ready!


Because they spend hours together each day, Melanie knows each cast member so well! She says that this season’s stars are “so nice and fun,” and that their personalities are “actually a lot like what you see.” Here’s her take on a few fan favorites!

  • Petra Nemcova is “so elegant, so sweet, so kind, just lovely. She’s a fabulous beauty but very humble.”
  • Kirstie Alley is “a fun, crazy gal. She’s hilarious and a hoot to be around and have fun with.”
  • Wendy Williams is “sophisticated but fun, and has a lot to say about everything! She loves her makeup and wants it piled on. One cute thing about her is as the makeup starts to get completed she almost starts to purr, she gets so excited! She’s been taking fun pictures of herself through process and Tweeting them–she loves the process.”
  • Kendra Wilkinson is “so cool and really down to earth. She’s a tomboy. She’s really nice and loves her baby and her husband, and has really been missing her baby lately. Her husband [Hank Baskett] is so cute, too– he comes in and they’re just adorable together. She’s really into the competition and wants to win!”


Melanie explains the grueling process of getting dancers ready for the competition: “They all get three to four hours of hair and makeup every day– half go into hair for an hour and half go into makeup, and they’re practicing in between.”

Why all the hair and makeup? Since the outfits are so wild (glitter and bright colors!), Melanie explains that “you have to balance the outfits– if you don’t have makeup on you look absolutely naked.” To keep the process fun, Melanie creates a festive atmosphere in the makeup trailer: “We have music pumping, we’re dancing– we create a fun environment in there!”

–Allie Jordan