'Bethenny Ever After' Recap: 'Mama' Has A Breakdown At Her 40th B-Day Bash!

[gallery] Turning 40 is not always the happiest of days and Bethenny did more than prove that on the April 4 episode of Bethenny Ever After. The normally hilarious and sarcastic Bethenny Frankel was out of sorts on the most recent episode of Bethenny Ever After, which was all about Bethenny's 40th birthday bash. But what was supposed to be a fun event turned into a disaster for everyone -- especially Bethenny's hubby Jason.

Considering both of her estranged parents were never there for her on her birthday in the past — not to mention she shares the day with her insensitive mother — Bethenny was anything but looking forward to the party Jason and his parents were eager to throw her.

The “understated intimate dinner” that Bethenny had wanted turned into a night full of surprises — and Bethenny wasn’t having it.

To start it off, after trying on numerous “birthday suits,” Bethenny refused to wear any of them, just hours before the party. (She ended up having a mini meltdown in the closet — with dog Cookie — and then another one during her hair and makeup session). Luckily, she got a laugh out of Jason, who always seems to find a way to cheer her up — this time with his spilt pants — and got semi-revved up for the party.

Once at the venue, Bethenny, dressed in a sexy lingerie top and black satin suit, chatted with friends, including Real Housewives Ramona Singer and Alex McCord, and started sipping on some wine, which might have triggered the most awkward celebration ever.

Jason not only surprised Bethenny with a visit from her maid of honor Terry, who lives in Florida, but he had a string of other surprises, including public displays of affection, thoughtful gifts and a sentimental toast. And that’s when Bethenny lost it. Let’s just say, by the end of the night, Jason wasn’t the only one with ripped pants.

She took Jason in the bathroom and procceded to cry her eyes out, saying “I made a fool out of myself and I made my husband look bad.” Which was exactly right!

The next day, Bethenny decided to vent to her baby girl Bryn, explaining, “Mommy had a nervous breakdown in front of 45 people last night…Yay!”

So to make up for her depressing, awkward and miserable 40th party, Bethenny, Jason and Bryn did what ‘Mama’ loves to do. Slipped into their swimsuits and hopped in the bathtub for a little pool party! Now that’s more like it.

–Leigh Blickley

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