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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Should You Worry If Your Guy Has A 'Type' Like Justin Timberlake, Who's Seeing Olivia Wilde?

Mon, April 4, 2011 12:49pm EDT by 2 Comments
Getty Images

JT is allegedly romancing Olivia, who looks suspiciously like his ex, Jessica Biel. Is having a type a bad thing?

Justin Timberlake may have split from longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel last month, but that didn’t stop him  from getting cozy with his Now co-star Olivia Wilde. The rub: with her dark hair, blue-green eyes and beautiful smile, Olivia could be a dead ringer for Jessica! Is it safe for your heart to date a guy who clearly has a type?

JT doesn’t seem to have a problem moving on. He was caught doing some dirty dancing with Olivia, who’s in the process of divorcing hubby Tao Ruspoli, at Hollywood nightclub Roxbury over the weekend; the two were allegedly on a date. Given that his new reported love interest resembles his ex-girlfriend of four years, you might think that Justin was looking for a replacement Jess. Is he?

I would say the answer here is NO. Justin clearly isn’t looking for a serious long-term girlfriend immediately – he and Jess did only break up last month – but he clearly likes what he likes; like most of us, he has a ‘type.’

Think of the guys you’ve dated. Do they all have something in common physically? We tend to gravitate towards what we like, and Justin is no different. He has a thing for girls with light eyes and dark hair, just like you might have a thing for photographers or for a brown-hair/brown-eyes combination.

Don’t be upset that your new guy has a type (especially because you’re it!) but make sure you’re ready to handle comments from the peanut gallery suggesting you’re a replacement GF. I’d go with something along the lines of ‘Clearly he still has good taste, then.’ It makes you look like the bigger person if you aren’t trashing his ex — doubly so because you happen to resemble her.


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