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Bonnie Says: Kate Gosselin You're Self Serving For Slamming Jon Gosselin On 'Today Show' For Not Seeing Kids!

Mon, April 4, 2011 10:34am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 100 Comments

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Kate, you had the nerve to lash out at Jon saying he only sees the eight Gosselettes two weekends a month and that you and the kids wish it was more. But our sources tell us that YOU’RE the obstacle preventing him from seeing the kids more!

Kate Gosselin you were definitely spinning to get our sympathy again in your Today Show interview with Matt Lauer on April 4, but knows you aren’t being truthful! You told Matt that “I wish (Jon) would see them (the kids) more to be honest and so do they.”  You also admitted that it’s still hard for you to be in the same room as Jon.  And you complained that “I’m doing what I can to reach out and communicate but what I receive back is not in my control. I’m doing the best I can to involve him in our family’s lives.”

Kate — if Jon was watching, we know steam must be pouring out of his ears. That’s because sources have been telling us for months how much Jon would LOVE to see his eight Gosselettes much, much more but you won’t allow it! You won’t even tell him when you leave the kids with a babysitter for the weekend to party and film on your birthday in NYC . Jon would have happily taken the kids but you kept them away from him because it was YOUR custody weekend.  Let’s not forget how you left the children with a babysitter for several days when you went to Mexico to shoot a People magazine cover story and you NEVER told Jon you were away. He would have LOVED to see the kids then too. It’s like you want him to be seen as a deadbeat dad.

Listen, it’s understandable that you want to put your failed marriage behind you but it’s damaging to your eight children for you to speak so badly of their father every time you go on national TV. These TV clips will exist forever!

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You talked on the Today Show about how the kids are adjusting to life after the divorce BUT every time you publicly diss Jon you are hurting your kids. He’s THEIR father and they love him. You are putting them in a very uncomfortable position . If they  talk about their dad at home, do you put them down along with Jon? In the meantime Jon is trying to rebuild his life too! He  has a stable job and even has an apartment near your home in Reading, Pa., specifically so that he can see the kids.  And remember, without his consent you wouldn’t be able to tote the kids all over the world to film Kate Plus 8.

Kate- if you’re trying to earn our sympathy with this “poor me” act it’s backfiring. You come across as self-serving and self-centered. We are glad to hear that  Collin and Alexis, the two little Gosselettes who were expelled from school, are doing better. “They are actually starting to integrate back (into school). There were actual medical issues that we dealt with … they are doing wonderfully at home and they are reading at the top level,” you told Matt.

Kate – when will you learn? You don’t have to bash Jon to get publicity for the latest episode of Kate Plus 8, which is … hmm … coincidentally on tonight on TLC  at 9 pm.

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